My Room Design

Introduction: My Room Design

This is my entry for the Improve Your Room Contest. I 3D modeled it use Blender and made an almost exact replica of my room upgraded of course, so enjoy.

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Step 1: The Bed

The Under Bed:
The bed here is a platform bed (i think that's what they call them at least) that i was planning on making. while i was coming up with the idea i said why stop there. the bed is supposed to originally be pulled out from the bed, so i decided to make it come out with the push of a button (with the help of a micro-controller of course).

The Speakers:
I also took the opportunity to and speakers to the bed so that i can listen o music while i'm sleeping.I also have the audio control panel,(The reason it look's bland is because i couldn't think of a design) but i'll tell you what it's has. it has an audio jack for the top and bottom bed, an on/off switch for the speakers, and of course volume control.

The Lights:
The lights are there so that you can read your book at night while playing music, and using a knock sensor which you can build here turn the lights on and off with just the knock of your bed. so basically knocking on the bed turns it on & off, the lights for the top and bottom are connected to the same knock sensor and using the 2,3,and 5 knock sequences to turn each off, on, or both at the same time. More info here---------------------------.

Step 2: The Desk


The laptop is meant to be a gaming computer/work computer. I would have used a desktop but i don't have one, besides i like portable things anyway.

The black printer on top is a brother printer that can print black and white or if you want you can use a color printer. Though i think it's best to have a black & white printer since the toner cost less. i use it for when i need to print essays, pictures and stuff

Headphone Rest:
It also includes a headphone rest for when your not using your you can put them on the rest until next time. I will be making this in a future project, one reason why i want to create this is because i dont like putting my headphones just there on the computer table.

On the side, you can see a the cubby which is used to put stuff like pens, pencils, scissors, or onther small items.

Step 3: The Stand

3 TV Display:
The 3 tv display is the entertainment system of the room. so, basically you use it to play games, watch movies, and other stuff. I intentionally had it to use individually and do one thing on one while i do oone thing on the next.

Slide-Out Workshop:
as the name say its a slide out work shop for when you want to do those little experiment you can just do it right ther instead of going to the workshop itself.

Step 4: the Idea Board

The Idea Board:
The idea board is for any and every idea that you get. Ideas you think of you put them on the board or blueprints for a project that your working on. Basically, you put your project on the board or ides for project anything that comes you put it dow

Step 5: The Closet

The Closet:
The closet has two directional buttons so that you can easily browse through the close like at those dry cleaners( I think). since its usually a hassle for me to move through my clothe I just made it easier for me.

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