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Introduction: My "RubberRat" Bike

About: I am an arts and crafts teacher in a secondary school in the Netherlands. ( I love making things. Especially out of nothing, worthless materials, garbage and cheap stuff. Besides that I...

In 2009 I began a project to make my bike in to a "Rubber Rat". Inspired by the beauty's I found at, a build off there (I never made the deadline), and a fettish for recycling rubber innertubes.
The start was my beachcruiser which I put on a rubbercloth of inner tubes and bisontex glue. Then I customized diferent things like the saddle, saddlebag, tankbag, fenders etc. Take a look at the pictures I hope they'l speak for themselfses.
Actually there are two versions, The mark I, first version racer, with homemade frontfork and the mark II, the cargo version (much handier with kids :P), the current state.



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    wowwww=D lovely bike pall!=D the head lamp is beaultiful!!!

    It seems that I can't put different photocomments at the different Pictures. It only shows the one on the first picture. Someone knows how to fix this? I really would like to clear some things out in this instructable and my other just published photo Ible

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    It seems that it does work in Internet exporer (I use Firefox 4). I will add some comments to the instructable the coming days, I hope it doesn't influence thet contest?

    jajaja, it's awesome, i realy like the picturo of the rat. I like the rat rod to, i sell mi rat rod the last year and i don't build a new one yet.

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    I have to admit I thought my entry with the basket made out of old wheels made my bike the most awesome use of rubber and rivets. You have managed to take it to another level of rubber greatness. I especially like the connection for the fendors. It's simple and clean.

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