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Introduction: Table Saw.

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Ive always liked the idea of a table saw but never had the funds to buy one. after looking on instructables i decided to have a go. my first step was how to make a "square" square!!!! it dawned on me that plywood cut in a factory would be as square as id ever need it so i planed to use that as a basis of my square. By screwing and glueing some lengths of 2by 1 to the edge it soon looked "like a real one"

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Step 1:

Now i turned my attention to the actual table. The beauty of maki g the square first was that i could now use it to mark out and indeedd machine out the recees for the saw. I had already plunge cut through the plywood with the saw but as the plywood had a thickness of 20mm it made the finnished cutting depth under 2". By machining out a pocket for the saw i now had a cutting height of over the 2" which i rekon will be the thickest timber ill ever cut. I used the square to mark out the sides and ends of the saw base and i roughed out the majority of this area by eye before setting the square to finnish the pocket to sizeussing my router. This means that if ever i remove the saw it will go back sqare to the table.

Step 2:

When trying the saw in its locating pocket i noticed that the motor body and one of the adjustment screw knobs were fouling on the underside of the table. i used the router again to relieve these areas. with a lenghth of 2 by 1 cut to the same length of the table clamped to another scrap piece scrwed to the front face so as to square it to the table this was then glued and screwed in position. This is now a very usable table saw. When i get time i will create a box around the saw so legs can be added or it can be put on saw horses. And a switch at the front would be a whole lot safer!!!! At the moment i have a cable tie around the triger on the saw and use the switch on the wall socket to turn on and off!!!! Bit naughty as i am a sparky!!!!! But it is a work in progress. When i do these i will update this instructable. Any advise would be great.

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