My Spring Cleaning Tips for a Clean Organized Home




I have a lot of stuff and it all needs organized. No one person likes to organize. It takes a bunch of time and sometimes puts a dent in your wallet, but I have come up with some ideas that may help you organize anything while also not spending little money or none at all. I made these rules because I think even the hidden areas should look like some thing not hidden.

Step 1: Everywhere Needs Organized

You need to pick a place for organization. Everywhere needs organized, but some need it more than others. Above is a picture of what location I chose to organize. I admit it is very unorganized in that location, but I have a way to make it look organized and something that someone could look at. The next step will explain some rules and tips on organization that may help you.

Step 2: Tip 1: EMPTY OUT!!!!!!

In order to start organizing you have to empty out the whole unorganized area so you can start from scratch. It always helps to organize in an empty space.

Step 3: Tip 2: Get Rid of What You Do Not Need

Keep what you need to keep and get rid of what you don't. I know you are probably thinking, "I will use that one day.", or  "It's a keepsake of mine." It is really not. If it was that important to you would have it locked up in a save spot.

Step 4: Tip 3: Make Categories

Now that you have the stuff you want to keep what are you going to do with it. Well, you need to split your stuff into categories so you do not mess up what you have already done. For example, put markers with markers and pens with pens. It is easy.


Find different things to store things in to help keep each category organized. It can be almost anything. This is when you can recycle things you might have thrown away or by you self some storage. It is all up to you. I believe recycling material is one of the cheapest ways to finding storage. For example, I used an old retainer holder as a paper clip and staples holder shown in the picture.  

Step 6: The Finishing Touches

The last thing to do is place the stuff you were organized back to the place you took it from. It should look much more organized. Seen is a picture of the result of my organizing job I did. I think it worked pretty well. I hope these tips help you to.

Step 7: Other Places I Organized

Here are some other places I took time organizing.



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    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    It will stay organized as long as you want it to stay organized. It depends on the person. If it gets un-organized again just follow my tips again. Also do not forget tip 4. If you find stuff that you could throw away that would make good storage, keep it and use it as added organization to avoid un-organization. Hope this helps.


    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    I agree. Just want to add that organization is a process as much as it is a system. Having a place for everything is useless if you don't put the stuff back where it came from. All the nifty containers, drawers, buckets or whatever won't do any good if you take the stuff out to use and then leave it out.


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Another tip for the "I'll use that" stuff: Tape it into a box, and label it with a throw-away date - say three months away. If, in three months, you haven't broken into the box to get something, you probably never will. Then throw it away without opening... so you don't get tempted again.

    If you are tempted, tape and label again.

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