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Introduction: My Singing Monsters Easter Egg Nursery

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Hoppy Eggs-travaganza from the Monster-Handlers! If you’re planning on decorating some monstrously cool Easter eggs this year, you’re going to need somewhere to display your work: the Nursery! This easy step-by-step Instructable will show you how to make your own Nursery structure Easter egg holder.

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

To make your own Nursery structure, you will need the following materials:

Step 2: Trim Toilet Paper Roll

Begin by trimming your toilet paper roll to approximately 1.5”, or a third of the length of your roll. If you’re not old enough to use scissors by yourself, make sure you get an adult to help!

Step 3: Cut Out Nursery Pieces

Download the Nursery design from the official Big Blue Bubble website and print it out. Make sure your printer is set to print in color! Then use your scissors to cut out both pieces of the Nursery structure.

Step 4: Tape Stump to Toilet Paper Roll

Wrap the stump piece that you cut out in Step 3 around your toilet paper roll. Secure it to the roll using a piece of clear tape.

Step 5: Trim Stick

Place your popsicle or lollipop stick over the lamp piece of the Nursery and mark how long your stick will need to be to support it. Trim off the excess using your scissors.

Step 6: Tape Stick to Nursery Lamp

Secure your trimmed stick to the back of the Nursery lamp using clear tape. Be careful to line up the stick so that it is completely hidden by the Nursery lamp!

Step 7: Tape Nursery Lamp to Stump

Secure the Nursery lamp piece to the stump piece using clear tape at the base of the stump.

Step 8: Add Artificial Hay

Stuff some yellow artificial hay into the opening of the Nursery stump. This hay will imitate the comfy look of the nest in the real Nursery!

Step 9: Add Your Monster Egg!

Now it’s time to rest your egg in the Nursery! Need some egg decorating ideas? Check out our My Singing Monsters Easter Eggs Instructable for an easy guide on decorating three different Monster eggs!

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