My Small But Spacious Room!

Introduction: My Small But Spacious Room!

Welcome to my improved room! 
I took the title of this contest quite literally and created a whole house in one room! This space can serve as an apartment, a bedroom, or a tiny house! 
This is an improved room because it has all of the amenities of a regular home, but in a 310 square foot blueprint!
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Step 1: The Kitchen

This kitchen is spacious and stylish, with plenty of storage. The island doubles as both a table and as a cabinet, and the appliances are customized in a bright marigold that is complimented by light purple stools. A gray area rug ties the space in with the bedroom area as well as with the countertops!

Step 2: The Living Area

The living area is a bright and roomy space. Many beautiful colors keep the area vibrant and tied in with the rest of the house. I made sure to compliment the yellow with light purple, which also pairs beautifully with the bright white walls and finishes! There is plenty of lighting throughout the house and the fixtures keep the space modern and clean.

Step 3: The Bathroom

As we venture into the other areas of the room, curtains keep areas distinct and private. To follow the rules of this contest, I used these curtains as room dividers.

The bathroom remains spacious while still compact. Yellow continues to liven up the room by appearing on the windows and appliances. A corner shower completes the area!

Step 4: The Bedroom

The bedroom is cozy and comfortable with bright colors. I introduced a deep purple accent wall to compliment both the dark gray and the light yellow. An orange accent chair adds more seating to the room while creating a comfortable sitting area!

Step 5: A One Room Wonder!

My main purpose for designing such a small room was to show readers that large spaces can be unnecessary. This room is small, but it's also very livable!

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Improve Your Room Youth Design Challenge

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Improve Your Room Youth Design Challenge

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    I love it when you have free reign over designing your own space. There's just so much room for creativity when you're allowed to do whatever you like, however you like!


    Hello Tiny House Lovers! If you like my design and my Instructable, please vote for me!!
    Happy Holidays!


    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    I love tiny homes! This one is better planned than my apartment! I voted!


    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    Thank you for voting! I love tiny homes too, I think that they are little jewels!

    Hey, nice job! Well written and planned. Just to let you know, you set your title to "Welcome!"
    To get more traffic to this instructable, try putting a short, yet descriptive title on it, such as "Small yet practical house design". You can do this by hitting "Edit" on the right of this instrucatble (When you are logged in) and setting the title of the "Intro" page to the name of the entire instructable. It looks to me like you wanted "Welcome" to be its own page, so copy that stuff, hit "Insert Page", and paste it there.
    Hope this is a help to you, and nice job on your first Instructable!


    6 years ago on Introduction

    So cute! Love how you were able to fit everything into such a small space. :)