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Hey Guys

Since i left my parents house and moved to a place of my own , i needed to arrange myself a small wOrkShop.

Although it is a small place ( Closet ) ,in addition to the closet i plan to arrange myself an additional Desk to work on .

My biggest dream ( for real ! ) is to have a huge room of my own , filled with the best tools, a small sanding machine , a small table saw ( must have ) .

Till that dream will come true , i will continue to build cOOl stuff - such as the one you see in the pic - i`m in the middle of building a monster PC - with Plexiglas case , Core i7 8GB Ram and a huge thermal cooling

mOREOVER, have an Old iPad for music and Instructables web site ofcourse :)

Till then

See ya




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    Bigger is not necessarily better; efficiency in the workplace is at the top of the heap, and you look very well organized to do a variety of projects, nice setup.

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    3 years ago

    if u wanna keep ur drill bits in good condition I'd suggest longer magnets so they can line up and not beat around or rub on each other. a sharp bit is a safer one. I'm sure u already know this tho: )

    Looks very very well organised, I would love it if my fathers shed wasn't such a mess full of crud.. He is kinda a hoarder,.. Not a terrible one,.. Just a mild hoarder.

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    Start to organize it all , maybe he can help you as well.

    All you need is a small place to arrange your tools not all the Shed