The Shed on Crazy Pills

Introduction: The Shed on Crazy Pills

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This is my entry for the My Space contest.  All though tiny at 8 x 12 feet, I can get an amazing amount of work done.  Welding and grinding are my primary builds in here these days.  From 300lb fighting robots to animatronic hands to silicone whole face casting, this little work shed has a lot of output to size ratio.  Normally one might take the time to document and area like this while its completely organized and looking pretty.  Sometimes though after a build I like to just chill in the chaos as the jumble of discarded pieces begins to work on me.  Some of my best builds not to mention instructables have come to me this way, kind of phoenix from the ashes like in nature.  After all, did Michelangelo get lip, "whats all this rubble and white dust on the ground, (while) carving David", I don't think so!  Soon I'll put it back in order, but not before its planted the seed of the next build.



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    I had a real bad day at work once. Then I went to a little old lady's house to change a toilet. While I was working she asked me if I could make a "nice" flower pot out of a toilet...... using only a 3lbs sledge, it was kinda cool! SCREW THE MESS, just handle it dude!


    The bigger the shop the more time one spends walking from place to place! You're right where you're at so you just get on with it I suppose.

    Cool! I just learned to grid and I love it! I'm learning to weld also! I also love the last picture.