My Star Wars Death Star Mancave




Introduction: My Star Wars Death Star Mancave

1. was pic used for inspiration

Step 1:

needed inspiration so I used this photo since it so closely resembled the shape of my room and was from the Death Star

Step 2: Walls

I was not fortunate enough to start out with smooth sheetrock, so I had to do something to get smooth walls! After much deliberation, I decided to cover the walls with 1/8" Masonite panels

Step 3: Lighting

The lighting was the biggest obstacle. I cut a 20" wide section out of the sheetrock that was floor to ceiling. the lighting I used was rgb LED striplights that you can get on amazon.

Step 4: Paint

I used a metallic battleship (almost titanium) Grey. I actually wish I would have went a shade lighter but it really depends on what pics you use for reference. The pic above was what I used but when I look at the movie the walls look lighter. Use your own judgement on the color that you want to reference.

Step 5: The Deck

I went with a deck because I figured this would be the best way to conceal all the electronics that will run the room. surround sound reciever, and game consoles. On each end I continued the LED lighting. the light pattern was made by a buddy of mine that worked in a sign shop, same for the patterns I used on the glass in the walls.

Step 6: Windows Into Space

these were cut into the sheetrock and will have 2 TVs mounted in them and trimmed out to look like lighted windows. I'm planning to use a dual monitor system and run a video file of outer space on each tv. I will eventually animate TIE Fighters that fly past the windows and maybe some asteroids. Below each tv is a fold out table to hold my game consoles so my son and friends can game together on the tvs

Step 7:

Step 8:



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    You should enter this into a contest! it is umbelivable!!!

    That's fantastic!

    Great work looks great