My Statues in Minecraft

Introduction: My Statues in Minecraft


Hey Guys, I'm Brobro69MinecraFt Here And I Just Would Like To Share Pictures Of My Statues In Minecraft!

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Step 1: SkyDoesMinecraft

This Statue RIGHT HERE IS MY FIRST AND FAVOURITE Statue I Built On Minecraft :)!

Step 2: "The Gunner"

This Person here LOVES Shooting Everything And He Still Does That.

Step 3: "Steve the Adventurer"

Steve Has Had Many Rough Days And Has Had Enough And Decided To Craft A Diamond Sword And Start Attempting To Kill Innocent People? What Is Wrong With That Guy?

Step 4: "The Midget Berserker"

This Little Guy Here Has Bent Many Prison Bars, Put Holes In The Wall, And Punching Everyone in The Face.Just To Escape. How rude.

Step 5: "Tennis Racket Face Grinderman"

This Tennis Player Looks Completely Normal Right? Think Again, As All He Does Is Grind Faces With His Stainless Steel Racket. Sorry For The Gruesome Bits And The Prison Breaking And Bla Bla Bla.

Step 6: "Herobrine the Death Lord"

So, Brine Was Always Careless Of Going Near Without Knowing How To Swim, And One Day, He went mining for coal, And Made The Biggest Mistake, Of Digging Straight Down. And Unfortunately Fell And Burned. then He Was Brought Back, As Herobrine.

Step 7: "Notch the God of All Worlds"

Notch, Also Known As Marcus "Notch" Persson, The Creator Of Minecraft Has Been Known For YEARS. I'm Not Saying He's Old Or Anything, It's Just Minecraft has A lot of years of bugs, errors, and many others. Notch Could Possibly Sacrifice You At Any Moment.

Step 8: Halo Spartan Staring Contest!

Step 9: Please Rate Favourite and Leave a Comment Wherever the Thing Is and I Will See You Next Time Even Though Its Not a Video

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    Reply 2 years ago

    yeah he looked AMAZING!!!!!!!!


    2 years ago

    All of them look the same as the real ones! Cool builds Bro!