My Steampunk Flash Drive Case




This is a work in progress and i slapped it together in an hour or so. It is hardly as refined as i will make it. I have seen others similar on sites like etsy but they are very pricey. I do not yet have the usb installed in this case yet and have some finishing touches i want to add to it.

I have been looking for a way to make money on the side to fund college and other things and this is also a way to test the waters. Would anybody be interested in a usb drive like this if i decided to sell them online? If so how much would you be willing to pay? i have seen these go for $90 up to a few hundred that were in a similar style. Would you be willing to pay $50 to $70 for a drive like this, granted this is my first very rough draft and isnt totally finished.

I may make an instructable someday on this if enough are interested.

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    THANKYOU very much for your input. I may make an instructable on this. Glad to know the design is appreciated. I would like to be able to sell these as cheap as I can thus being cheaper than the competition. The problem is its all copper and brass which is expensive. I work at a store that gives me a discount so I only paid about ten dollars for the materials and I already had the flashdrive. It would have cost a normal customer at least $25 for just the materials let alone the flash drive. . This price was figured with a $20. 16gb flash drive. I could use a four gig and those only cost about $8 plus my $10 in brassplus I must ship it and pay for my time and other unexpected costs. Maybe it is possible to down to $25. Idk but will keep thinking things over.

    you could get free coper from cragilist which would be able to advertise these as recycled and also it wiould be pre aged the flash drives they sell at the local dollar trees

    The problem with that is Craigslist isn't a reliable source for anything. Sure, you can occasionally get lucky and score supplies on the cheap or free, but it's not consistent.

    It also definitely depends on where you live. I live in a college town, so there's not much in the way of building materials. A lot of knockdown, sawdust bookcases, but no copper.

    Dont try to be cheaper than the competition, try and be better than the competition. Everyone is sick of cheap! There lots of steampunk instuctables, refine your skills and make something really desirable, and you will have no problem selling it. Have a look at steampunk stuff on Ebay, and maybe sell a few pieces there. it will give you a good idea what people are prepared to pay.


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    I think you're being unrealistic. Just the flash drive alone is worth more than $10, let alone the neat (and unique) craftsmanship.