Steampunkish Mobile

Introduction: Steampunkish Mobile

In my high school art class, I had a project with which you can pick the medium, unlike the others. Since I enjoy creating things much better than failing at trying to shade and put in value, I eventually settled on a making a mobile. After that I decided to give it a steam punk vibe, with the gears, copper pipe stand, etc. I'm pretty happy with the outcome, although I don't have anywhere to put it now....



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    i see automatic transmission innards for some of the gears.
    Clutch plates holders, and maybe the torque converter ring is where the big ring is from. Its been over 30 years since i did transmissssioooon work, but the parts stick with you.

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    thanks for the identification, know i can look like i know what i am talking about when people ask me about it lol

    Because it has a stand, rather than hanging from the ceiling, it's technically a stabile. But very cool, nonetheless.

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    thanks for the info (not being sarcasm, i just googled 'stabile' and found some really interesting structures) and the compliment.

    thanks! i got them from a junk yard- the gears are all  from car engines except for one that is from a bike

    when i first read "steampunk mobile" i thought that is wasn't gonna be very good, i thought that some kid might have just put some old pipes and wires on some strings and atached it to an old shower curtain rod, but your proved me wrong and the design is great, i especially like the 3 gears in the middle

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    cool...curious....what kind of mold did u use to melt the solder in? i like the idea of making a similar...smaller version. maybe some jewelry...oh man i love how the ideas flow from this site...phew...

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    my art teacher had an old cast iron decorative thingy and i made a plaster mold of that. thanks for the interest!

    Just hold onto it until you have kids. You can put it over their crib. ;)