My String Garden




String Garden or kokedama


Kokedama is a style of Japanese bonsai made by taking your plant out of its pot and into a ball of soil held together with a unique soil mixture, moss and string.

I tried one for my patio too.It is beautiful. Plant attached to string moving slowly at their place in circle .

In my tutorial at the end i have added some care instructions

And, how u can go further to personalize it or use it as Christmas decor

Enjoy making and do post when done.

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Step 1: We Need

  1. Sheet moss (Easily available at wal-mart or any garden supply store)
  2. Yarn/String (I had some yarn available at home so used them)
  3. Plant (I chooses succulent plant as they will take less maintenance )
  4. Bucket

Step 2: Method

  1. Take required quantity of sheet moss and dip completely in water. Would advise to take smaller quantity to avoid mess.
  2. Take out plant from pot . Remove excess soil . leave enough soil to cover roots of plant. As i choose plant which can regrow their roots ,so, i divided big plant in 2-3 parts.
  3. Take out enough sheet moss from water and cover the soil area of plant.
  4. After covering with sheet moss tie it with string. Please note tie the sheet moss not the plant.
  5. Leave desired length of string as per your choice
  6. Dip plant in water and take it out to drain excess water

Your plant is ready to beautify your garden

Step 3: Final Result and Some Suggestions

Aren't they beautiful.

Here are some suggestion to care yr string garden

  1. For beginners succulent plant is best option as they need less care
  2. Water your plant according to climate. Either by dipping it in water or by spraying
  3. If u need to fertilize yr plant then liquid fertilizer is good.Dissolve in water and spray
  4. If you are keeping your plants inside then once fortnightly put it in bathroom. Steam generated during your shower will act as spa for plants. Pores on plant leaf will be cleaned


  1. You can hang Christmas ornaments in between plants
  2. Use lace as string
  3. Laminate your or your family pic and hang it
  4. You can simply hang photoframe/Butterfly etc

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Gorgeus C

3 years ago

Great idea!


Reply 4 years ago

hi sata..that depends upon temperature...a few which is hanging indoor need weekly however outdoor ones need to taken care according to weather

If you live in SoCal check your plants daily at a minimum... The Santa Anna winds can, and will, desiccate any hanging plant (even succulents) in a single day.

1 reply

4 years ago

I like this I think it's cool but would not hold up to well to the Saskatchewan so I guess I'll have to put some inside

1 reply

Hi Admin, Please help again. Now i made my instructables again and posted but its still not showing . Now i noticed that in my profile every category (e.g published,Draft) is showing 0. Also all conversation is deleted from my 2 instructables. Its showing only my side of conversation...What to do??

2 replies