My Studio Space

Introduction: My Studio Space

About: Most people know me as "the cookie lady" :) , though I've been drawing, painting, sewing, fusing glass, and making other creative things for as long as I can remember. My two dogs and two cats thi...

I have always felt it was important for creative people to have a supportive environment to work in. Your work space has an impact on your work, and reflects who you are.  I tend to work best in a space that has a mix of tools, sentiment, and inspiration.

I think the photos of my studio will help to explain quite a bit more about what influences my creative process. Come on in!

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Step 1: The Original Space....

Well, this room is my original studio space, which was more than enough until I won a Holiday Card contest last year that enabled me to buy "Big Bertha", my new Paragon Janus 23 glass/ceramic kiln. Gosh she's big! I had to re-arrange my studio space in preparation for her arrival. I have a wonderful husband who mentioned that I might need to expand into the formal living room.....5 minutes later I had taken the doors off my studio and re-arranged all of my stuff. 

So, this room is now "Command Central".  Basically, this room contains a blend of tools, sentimental momentos, and inspiration that support the work that I create. My computer, printer, calendar, files, "mess desk", kilns, and supplies are in this room.

"Big Bertha" sits on a ceramic fiber blanket, topped with ceramic tiles. I'll eventually add a kiln vent, but for now I open the patio doors a bit and crack the window when I run the kiln.

Notice the hot tub just outside the patio doors. Somehow I never manage to make the time to sit in it, as I would much rather be working in the studio!

Step 2: Details, Details

Practical, Sentimental, Inspirational:

I was always misplacing my glasses, and I find I can't get anything done without them.  I now use one of my mannequin heads (that I painted myself, and use as a photo prop for the jewelry I create) as a glasses holder. The hat not only enables me to stack multiple pairs on the display, but it was also a sentimental gift from a designer friend of mine, April Cornell. April manages to blend being a terrific person, artist, designer, mother, grand-mother, humanitarian, and cook all into one.

My secret file:
Good place to throw all the loose papers,un-filed receipts, your cookie stash, etc if someone wants to drop by to see your studio or pick up a piece that they've purchased.

My oldest daughter is Air Force Reserves, and I'm so proud of her.  It makes my heart swell with pride when I see this sticker.

I have plants on the window ledge. The cat grass is real, the orchids are plastic. Translation: I have the knowledge and potential to have a green thumb, but not necessarily the time.  My cats however prefer to eat real plants rather than plastic ones.

My "mess table"  was actually the "art table" for my kids when they were toddlers. It has a paint smears from their art projects, mingled with my own, plus and artist signature on the underside of the table that my daughter put there when she was younger that she probably thought I would never notice.

Step 3: The Org Board

My Org Board has:
  1. Calendar. My husband is retired. I'm an artist. Every once in a while I have to check the calendar to remind myself what day it is. My husband says that when you're retired, every day feels like Saturday.....the day you do all the chores, the laundry, mow the lawn, etc.
        2.  Instructables patch and sticker! Need I say more? I feel really happy when I see them on my board, and they inspire me to test my boundaries.

        3.  Mother's Day card from my son when he was 11. It reads:  "Happy Mothers day Mommy! I hope you enjoyed being a mother up until this point and continue to enjoy being a mother!  Sincerely, Paul!".  This makes me laugh when I read it.

        4.  A heart sticker from my husband that says "Thank you for your ZEST! Your smiles! Your creativity!"

        5.  A photo of my mom. I miss her.

        6.  A postcard from my daughter Briana who used her childhood savings, worked two jobs and did fundraising activities to pay for a "People to People" trip to last summer. Gosh I'm proud of her!!! She's absolutely amazing. 

Step 4: Organizing the Tools

The Big Clock:
I don't know about you, but when I get going on a project, I lose all track of time.  I like to think that having a big clock on the wall helps....that's what I like to think anyway :)

I made a fabric coil basket, and fabric covered magazine organizers out of scraps that I have stockpiled. They make the mess look a bit more polished. Maybe I should do tutorials on how to make your own?

Awww, I can always see my kids on the wall, whether they're home or away!

Step 5: Taking Over the Whole House

I'm slowly taking over the whole house. I took the doors out that separated my studio from the formal living room, and moved my desk and sewing machine in. 

One of the most important features in this room are the cat baskets under my desk. Our cats are really entertaining to watch, and this keeps them out of my stuff. They otherwise like to lie down on top of black velvet jewelry display trays (the hair shows up in all of my jewelry photos and adds Photoshop time to edit out!), and bat little glass jewelry pieces off the shelf onto the floor.   They're so darn cute!

The scented candle on my desk was a gift from my Mom.  I have two Labrador Retrievers. They like to keep me company when I'm working by lying at my feet.  For those of you who have Labs, you know why I need the scented candle.

The pencil holders: One has been with me since college (waaaay too many years ago to count!). I had a friend in pottery class who considered it a second, and allowed me to take it home. The other was made by my son when he was in 3rd grade.

The piano. No, I don't play. I can't sing either. My daughter plays piano, and when she's old enough to have a space of her own the piano will be moved to her place. I'm sure that I'll come up with a very good way to take over the space that the piano currently occupies!

.....I won't show you the closets that I've quietly taken over and turned into storage space for my fabric swatch books, paints, etc....I hate to admit it, but I'm slowly taking over the whole house! That's okay, we have a very happy, creative household!

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    What a beautiful living space! So light and cheery! Thanks for sharing. Have a splendorous day! Sunshiine


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    My pets seem to like it just as much as I do :)