My Survival Pack!

Introduction: My Survival Pack!

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Hey guys! SubDude350 here an I just wanted a neat little project I put together! I made a survival pack with simple materials and for about 15 dollars! I hope this inspires you!

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Step 1: The Quick Access Pouch

The pack is a Stansport bag with three pouches which I have dubbed the quick access pouch, the main pouch, and the waterproof pouch. The Quick Access pouch contains items I would use the most in a survival situation. I have a knife, fire steel, compass, a whistle, and a mini screwdriver( you never know when you'll need one:))

Step 2: The Main Pouch

The main pouch contains important items as well. The items are, a homemade firestarter(wax, cardboard and a tin can) a sardine can survival kit, a first aid kit and the striker for my fire steel. If I could have one thing from this survival pack, I would definitely take that sardine tin survival kit, as it is a mini pocket sized survival kit. If you want one, check at your local sporting goods store or google "sardine tin survival kit.

Step 3: The Waterproof Pouch

This pouch has some items that need to be kept out of water. These include, fire straws, cotton straws, salt straws, and candle straws(I will do another instructible on these) a tin of cotton balls for making char cloth, a lighter, aluminum foil, and the TNT brand "Glow Worms"(to be used as firestarters)

Step 4: The Water Bottle

This is pretty self explanatory. The water bottle is there as a water carrying device (as you probably know) and I just looped it around the strap of the pack and tied it on right.

I hope you enjoyed this instructible. Please rate, comment, like, subscribe and as always, SubDude350 signing off.

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    Your welcome. I enjoy doing these things for others!