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Introduction: My Take As a Dad

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I believe it's only natural to think occasionally about our own death. But to think about everyone's impending destruction? Well yes, that's right! I think about it all the time.
I'm clearly not alone in this thought train; am I ready? What will I do? What will my neighbors do? What might they do to or for me and mine?

Just look at all the books, movies, blogs, media of all sorts based on this subject. Most mainstream religions have an end of the world in their teachings. Not to mention this contest:)

I've concluded that mental and physical prepping is the most likely thing to help us through to the other side. What ever it may be.
"Teotwawki" (for those who don't know, the end of the world as we know it), will also be the beginning of a new thing. I hope in an apocalypse scenario its a good thing, my research leads my to believe that in the end it will be a wonderful thing, for those who survive.

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Step 1: Prepare Your Soul

Face it. Some day you will die. All the prepping in the world won't change that fact of life. What ever your religion, or lack there of, that fact is unavoidable.

Prepare yourself for what comes after. I suggest the Holy Bible. I've found it true and highly comforting. Here's link:

I'm aware that this is controversial, but as your a user of this wonderful resource INSTRUCTABLES, you may want the ultimate instruction manual for living too

Step 2: Prepare Your Body

Dental up to date
Vaccines up to date, don't forget tetanus shot
Regular check ups
Exercise vigorously at least 2x a week for 30 mins.
Do all of the above for and with your family as well.

Step 3: Prepare Your Skill Set

First aid training is usually free or very low cost.

And for those of you across the pond:

Also youtube is an invaluable source.
I've learned to set a figure 4 deadfall trap for small game, how to make a fire with no matches, ect.

Practice regularly.
Camping is great venue to practice your skill sets.

Step 4: What Else Can I Say?

Get to it, have fun. Get ready because something is surely coming.

Thanks for viewing my heart on this matter.

If you like what I've instructed, feel free to let me know, also vote:)

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    4 years ago

    This is great! Most people don't take parenthood seriously enough. You need a license to do just about anything in this world, even fishing, but anyone can create a child and bring it into the world. Nice to see someone who thinks it is more of a gift than a right.


    5 years ago

    And remember you won't die untill GOD says so.