My Tesla's Radiant Energy Collector (open Project)




I did this experiment in February 2009. This device was invented to detect / collect "radiant energy" and convert it into electricity it was patented by Tesla in 1905 original patent:

My device not collect "radiant energy", it collect static electricity I just wanted to keep the name given to it by Tesla.

I explain how I built it, the results that I obtained. I hope that someone can improve it and get better results

This is a presentation video with a brief explanation of the operation at the end, follows the full explanation and test results on this Instructable

The collector in aluminium collects the electrons of the air ionized, it work even with the passage of the clouds (if the air is dry), reached a sufficient charge it spark on candle and circulates the current in primary high-voltage of a injection coil, the secondary is connected via a diode and a small condenser, the small instruments notes the achieved energy.

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Step 1: Equipment Required:

aluminum foil (cooking type is OK)
an ignition coil
a spark plug
a plug wire copper
a diode (general propose)
a capacitor 100nF-10uF not critical
an analog voltmeter
a support with a VERY high electrical insulation to support the aluminum foil (glass, ceramics ,plastic nylon wire)

Step 2: How to Build It:

Suspend the aluminum foil (at least 50 cm) the highest possible.
The first time I tried to suspend it on a pile of wood using the tape but it did not work until I replaced the pile of wood with a plastic rod. An easy way to see if it is a good insulator is to try if it holds the electrostatic charge

connect with a copper wire the aluminum foil to the metal base of the spark plug

connects the central electrode of the candle to the primary high voltage ignition coil

connects the negative of the ignition coil to the ground of a plug

connecting the plug to the electrical ground of your home, otherwise to a metal pole planted to the ground

one pole of the secondary low-voltage ignition coil must be connected to the negative pole of the voltmeter

the other pole of the secondary low-voltage ignition coil is connected through a diode to the positive pole of the voltmeter

Connect the capacitor at the poles of the voltmeter

See the schematic

Step 3: As Is Done (Video)

This video explains how the device is assembled
activated the annotations of the video for the description in English

unlike the original Tesla project I have not a capacitor mounted on the collector of aluminum, it should be very high voltage and low loss as a leida jar.
The alluminium foil has a capacity relation to the ground of 180pF

Step 4: Theory and Test

My theory
When the weather i changing the polarization of the clouds change the polarization of the earth below. and the ionization of air discharge through my device to the ground and viceversa when the clouds go away.
It should work olso with ionizing radiation and strong electromagnetic fields

When aluminium foil was parallel to the wall the package was attracted to the wall in a few seconds. It charge up fast because there are no capacitor on primary circuit, less charge more frequency. If I approach the electrodes frequency increases but the output voltage decreases. The video was recorded before a temporal I had gone to close the windows and I filmed. The device is in attic of my house to 10m from the ground. When its raining the device spark ever several minutes.

When it function alluminium foil voltage increase (I think for the ionization of air) accumulates charge and spark in One side high-voltage coil , the other side is connected to ground. creating on the secondary an electric pulse.

My device works occasionally when the weather changes, to obtain repeatable measurements I power it by an ioniser 4W isolated from ground.

The test results are in the video , is subtitled in English ( activate the function on youtube video player)

Step 5: Final Considerations

The device has not worked for days, until the first storm
It 'been replicated successfully by at least another Italian on the internet and there are many similar devices you can find a similar device (only in italian)
The power is low and variable but can be a beginning
I have temporarily suspended the research
I hope someone finds a way to improve the performance of this device
tips are welcome



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    43 Discussions


    10 years ago on Introduction

    It is not collecting "radiant energy", it is collecting static electricity. (Think; "low-voltage lightning")

    5 replies

    Reply 8 months ago

    Polož si otázku elektrostatický proud má velké množství kladného náboje a jen málo záporného země produkuje velké množství záporného náboje a jen málo kladného co se stane když se tyto náboje země a vzduchu propojí? Zvýší se watáž a to o hodně


    Reply 8 months ago

    Proč to tady komolí slova a některá to vipouští aby to nedávalo smysl


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    You are right! I just wanted to keep the name given to it by Tesla. Do you think that should change the title?


    8 years ago on Step 5

    scalar waves not electrostatic

    1 reply
    JosefP22usb key

    Reply 8 months ago

    V době Tesly zapalovací svíčky jak je známe dnes nebily.Nebyl ani měděný drát používal se železný na to hodně lidí zapomíná proto některé generátory co lidi replikují nefungují správně nebo vůbec


    8 years ago on Introduction

    how can this thing make enough voltage for spark?
    you can get only few volts.

    1 reply

    Reply 8 months ago

    Při styku se zemí vzniká velké elektromagnetické pole které se dá využít přes krokový transformátor a vitvořit stejnosměrný proud když tady něco napíšu tak mi to komolí slova doufám že teť to bude správně napsané


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Hello guys, I am very fascinted of teslas research.
    About radiant energy let clarify like this : According tesla all are the same radiant energy - cosmic rays day/night 24/7 - Aether(power source of his car)-static electricity - all it is considered one and the same but wothin different names.
    I was watching some videos on youtube about this as well and was thinking why there is low voltage output from this unit . I figured it out finally , it is in material. Instead of metal plate try use some limestone or asfalt material. Please see this short article . MEtal material does not absorb much of that radiant energy. But limestone,asfalt absorb far too much of this energy. And as well I would suggest that that antena would not be plate as rectangle , but best solution to catch lot of tat energy would be BALLL type antena - diameter 20 -50 cm or Pyramid type antena with base lenght 200 - 50 cm . In these two cases radiant nergy/static electricity would be harnessed in more eficient and much more faster way . Please also refer in google in electrical performance of limestone/asfalt etc. I am trying to figure out more of bulding this antena. For capacitor I would suggest 50 - 100 V , very hign capacity - mikro, nano 10 000 farrads at least or if possible more according tesla considerable electrostatic capacity. Tesla also stated:dielectric of condensator should be made the best quality of mica means will add a bit more on price for it has to withstand potentials that could rupture a weaker dielectrictric . SOrry if there i something wrong , but i am trying to solve this patent as well as you guys and it is my opinoion. Please write me anytime wou would clarify . I will be pleased tp answer. GOt lot of books about tesla, god good booksof radiant energy where everything is explained about ho that energy is absorbed,reflected and emited , also explains materials for radiant energy.
    Thank you so far .
    hope soon we will be powering our houses .

    3 replies

    Reply 8 months ago

    Uš si na to skoro přišel anténa ve tvaru piramidy musý být s kovu piramidy v Gíze byly pokryty zlatými deskami na vrcholu byl velký diamant nebo křišťál ten měnil frekvence

    Ole ballyradic

    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    So hjave you figured it out yet?? I am waiting to build one but need more answers before I start!
    Tesla's site shows him powering a bunch of light globes! How did he do it?


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    hi sir?can i know about u?im mad about alternative energy since 10 months.recently i came to know about tesla's secrets.would u plz help me?


    4 years ago on Introduction

    Hi alessiof76! I am VERY impressed with your achievement. I could not get 1 spark in a minute when lifted a HUGE plate 9m above the earth but if what I hear is spark gap, then it looks like magic to me. As far I hear - nobody get so big efficiency than you. Can you please explain what is altitude of Al plate, is it free or isolated, what is distance in your sparkgap? It realy sounds to unbelievable to be true to me because I made same think and it did not work. Also I made huge 12m diameter plate on high of 9m and it also did not work.. Can you suggest something?

    1 reply

    Reply 8 months ago

    Odizoluj desku od země plož ji na sklo nebo jizavěs na vlasec na ryby


    8 months ago on Step 5

    Aby to fungovalo pořád musíš změnit tvar antény udělej tvarový zářič ve tvaru piramidy ta má schopnost přitahovat elektrostatický proud výrovým polem na vrcholu piramidy nebo ji natři radioaktivním prvkem pak tam bude vysoké napětí tak pozor!