My Treehouse

Introduction: My Treehouse

Umm. Ok so instructables wouldn't let me enter my slideshow in this contest so I made an instructable. Be advised this is NOT instructions on how to build a treehouse. If anyone however does want to know how to make one, im sure I could make an actual instructable on it.


This is a treehouse that my dad and I built in about 5-6 days by ourselves.

What makes this treehouse awesome:

It has a rope swing for climbing up and down the treehouse

A ladder

A secret plank that lifts up to reveal a hidden compartment

Eventually, the treehouse will have railings, a firepole, a zipline and half of it will be covered with a roof-type structure.

One of the tools we used to build this treehouse was our Craftsman 10" Miter saw-without which, this project would have been impossible.

Step 1: Another View of the Treehouse

Step 2: The Climb Up Spot

Step 3: The Secret Plank

I currently use it as a cooler.

Step 4: The Secret Plank- EXPOSED!

Yea, I know. It's pretty awesome.

Step 5: Cherry Pie



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    I see you booted the planks right to the tree. Have you found this to be an issue as The tree grew?

    could you send me the dimensions of this platform? my email is thanks.


    I saw your tress house.. can u send me a mail at milasuccaci at gmail dot com



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    I love the secret plank! And of course the cherry pie is a nice touch too.

    At my next house I plan on sinking a utility pole into the ground about 4 ft and then filling around it with concrete to make a "tree-less" tree fort. That way I dont have to worry about the growth or the tree being in the right spot...

    Normalement, on ne visse pas directement sur le tronc d'un arbre, pour la bonne raison que c'est vivant et que cela bouge. Sinon, cela a l'air solide et tu pourras mettre quelques rangements pour profiter de la plateforme avec un paquet d'amis.

    Mine is like 11m off the ground. and we used only hammer, level and nails. Maybe ill post a tut or something later.

    dimensions r about 2x4m with roof, windows, balcon...

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    Well, when you gonna finish the tree house? The base is very well done. Let us know when you get it done. I'd love to see it finished.

    mmm! did that help build the treehouse

    I wouldn't say your project would have been impossible without the miter saw, just more difficult. You could get all the cuts you need with a hand saw and miter box. Something like this.

    Of course, sawing by hand sucks.