My Version of "The Reliable" With Internals

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Intro: My Version of "The Reliable" With Internals

This is my version of "The Reliable" (R3) originally produced by The Red Book of Westmarch. I would have to say that the title matches the gun, except for the magazine always falling out. So to fix this, I have added a magazine lock on it pictured in pic #4. Another downside was that the magazine is not preload-able. I do not have a picture of that but I have implemented it. Another bad thing about it is that it uses several broken/cut parts. I have removed all of them and built replacements. I also added custom sights. Look in the sixth picture and notice where I have placed the row of yellow connectors, it is higher up than originally. I have a completely different stock, and handle. I have extended the stock and the extended barrel. I also have added a foregrip.



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    4 years ago

    You put the only missing features in a great knex gun, amazing! Internals?

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    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    For more mods/missing features you can check out mine! Also, great mods man. I like the foregrip and extended stock. I would have liked to extend mine too but I never got around to it.


    4 months ago

    All you did was butcher the looks of the gun 2*

    Yes but, you see, you don't have this gun, I do, and I like these features I have added, and if you didn't catch the stock mod I made, I made the pin less wobble-y with the mod and ZERO broken pieces

    I can understand that, all I meant was that some of the stuff you changed did not necessarily improve the gun in my eyes. As to the broken pieces, EVERBODY has a few, and that is all they need to build the origonal.

    I didn't really try to improve it, I just modified it to my liking. And I know that EVERYBODY(yeah right!), or at least most people do have broken pieces, but you should challenge yourself instead of taking "the easy way out". I'm not saying that you cant use broken pieces, but that you should try to refrain from using them. And this is just my opinion, some would agree with me and some would agree with you.

    Who else favorited my 'ible? Just wondering, I know I did but, who else? XD Cause whoever you are did not leave a comment, and I checked out the people with comments to see if they did but nobody did.