My Warhammer Army


Introduction: My Warhammer Army

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Step 1: Razorback

This is my razorback i have used sand and grass and stuck them on with PVA glue i have also used sepia to make it look old and battered

Step 2: Librarian

A librarian which i think is painted quiet nicely

Step 3: Bike Squad

A bike squad with attack bike and melter pretty good points wise

Step 4: Tactical Squad

My favourite the tactical squad with plasma gun and plasma cannon

Step 5: Terminator Squad

The bloodshed terminator squad quiet gruesome

Step 6: Dreadnought

A very recent dreadnought not finished yet but will be soon!

Step 7: Commander

And finally a simple commander with power sword

If you want me to do more of lego warhammer minecraft or even some house DIY post a comment saying what i should do and every 3 days i will pick one and i will do that



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    And also if your saying thats a squad you have no idea about warhammer

    Eh thats 830 points how the hell is that a squad


    Harsh comments guys
    Im nine i only have a ipod which isn't good quality i could sell all of those things on eBay + I'm nine the painting might be poor but everyone that has seen my models say there good! Anyway you couldn't do much better bmcguire3 so you don't have to think my paintings rubbish i bet yours are!

    Cut the kid some slack, he is nine.