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Introduction: My Workshop

About: Retired Boat builder,CNC programmer,Process Engineer

Hi,I thought that I would Share my workshop,its a bit unusual that it's build on the border of my land and as i live in a crescent the plot is like a wedge of cheese so its a twice as wide at the front than the back, as you can see it's a bit crowded with all my machines and tools.

my table saw on shop made stand with bottom extraction

Step 1: Workbench

main workbench with record vice and lathe tucked under bench and engineer vive

Step 2: Bandsaw

SIP 10 inch bandsaw

Step 3: Planer

Electra Beckum 12 inch planer thicknesser,Clake turbo Mig Welder = storage rack

Step 4: Storage

Hand tools and storage.

Please checkout my youtube channel for more machine and hand tool tune-up and improvements:-



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    A perfect workshop Marcello. Just the right balance of chaos and order. Thanks for posting this.

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    I would kill for a workshop that size.. mine is about half of that and sadly I have to fit my electronic workshop gear in with my woodwork gear and the wife regularly dumps crap deemed "unfit" for in the house storage... nice shop:)

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    it use to be bigger but my wife pinched the top half to groom her dogs.but I've managed to get the fridge and freezer out.

    That's funny.. my wife is a dog groomer too but thankfully she has premises

    Very impressive use of space! You've sure fit a lot of tools into your little shop. It looks like a great place to work and get creative though! :)

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    Thanks for your comments,Yes it's a bit tight but it makes you work smarter and I've made some good bits in the over the years