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    An excellent build, I will never complain about my tiny cold damp workshop again! at least I have a woodstove... AND A DOOR! I would like to shake your hand.

    Living on a muskeg in southeast alaska isn't very ideal for a basement. Everything is on pilings with a crawl space.

    Ya, You have to bundle up this time of year and work fast. Not quite as much storage space as your shop, but maybe someday.

    where did you buy the metal truss joint kit things for making the shed without actually making trusses i reallr need them help me out

    Those ones are plastic and made for 2x2's I got mine at a thrift store but the kit i used is here
    I also made a fort for my son with this kit for 2x4's

    I never pass up thrift stores, yard sales or flea markets either. Sometimes I find some pretty good deals. I honestly don't need any of the junk I collect. But its fun!

    I had my tent days long ago