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About: A high school kid who likes to do a lot. I like to build, invent, blow things up, and fire. If you need help on a project or need a new idea just message me. I regularly check instructables so I will probabl...

This is my workspace in my garage and in my room. I usually don't work in my room but it is winter and really cold. 
I am sorry it is disorganized and really cluttered. It is that way because like I said it is winter at the moment so i just put stuff out there.
We, me and other friends, do a lot of things out there. We do woodworking, metalworking(except no welder), solder, fix things, and anything else. We do anything really.
I have a lot of things since I like to take things people are throwing out. I always could use extra storage as can see.
Sorry that some of the pictures  are bad or sideways. I had to use my iTouch as a camera.
I am also sorry I have a lot of pictures, i just wanted to show all of it.


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    8 years ago on Introduction

    mine is refered to as the laboritory od evil doings lol...supposed to be warm enough here today to test out my new band saw n see if i can still have all ten fingers left.


    8 years ago on Introduction

    same here....come winter my shop is an UNHEARED semiorganized chaos LOL, but as luck would have it...i`m slow in the winter and a very nice heated shop there, and all my tools. garage turns into a "drop zone" from all the "free stuff" i bring home.

    work workshop.JPGhome shop.JPG

    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Nice! thanks for posting the photos.
    And I need to post new pictures of my workshop. I got a couple new shelves in my garage, and new tools.
    For my "winter shop", i now put a desk in my room. I am soon to make a really cool lamp for it that i will post and show off the new desk.
    Also my mom has to store a bunch of things in my workshop so it is almost unusable in the winter.

    My friend started calling my workshop, "M.I.T", short for Matt's Institute of Technology.
    Also he calls it when i drift off, MIT, short for Matt's Internal Thoughts