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RX is my best friend, I love it and crazy about it :-) . Once in a year i used to modify it, painting, alteration ete...and all it was done by mechanics. This time i wanted to know all about my RX, engine part, electrical etc... and engine also already ceased. Decided to restore it , downloaded Yamaha RX100 Workshop Manual and bought new tools.

And  started working in my home itself...

Step 1: My YAMAHA RX100 Restoration

There was noise when piston moves, so need to be re-bore it
1. Cranck / Drive Sprocket
2. Cylinder, Head, Piston
3. Head spark portion, Cylinder Inner Portion

Step 2: My YAMAHA RX100 Restoration

Clutch housing and clutch plates
1. Clutch Housing
2. Plates, Friction Plate and its Springs

Step 3: My YAMAHA RX100 Restoration

Completely de-assembled clutch and cylinder parts. 
I started assembling cylinder part first.

1. Fixing gasket.
2. Old piston and new one / New piston and its ring.
3. Installing piston to the crank shaft / After complete installation of cylinder and piston.
4. After installing cylinder and its head.

Step 4: My YAMAHA RX100 Restoration

Carburettor and is parts

Step 5: My YAMAHA RX100 Restoration

Clutch house and clutch assembling

2. My special tool setup to remove clutch housing (Spanner No 8 & 20)
3.Pressure Plate enclosed with Clutch, Friction plates 

Step 6: My YAMAHA RX100 Restoration

Kick Starter

1. Kick Starter Assembly
2. Kick Gear

Step 7:

Wheel Assembling
1. Brak Shoe / Wheel and Shock absorber

Step 8: My YAMAHA RX100 Restoration

1. Main stand, Side stand assembling to the chassis

Step 9: My YAMAHA RX100 Restoration

Step 10: My YAMAHA RX100 Restoration

Step 11: My YAMAHA RX100 Restoration

Finally my RX...



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