My Yard Haunt




Introduction: My Yard Haunt

This is my yard haunt



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    Just wondering how sturdy that fencing is. I am wanting to get it to fence off a dog-free area in my yard and i want it to be able to hold up against dogs leaning on it.

    I like your cemetery ... wondering where you purchased the 'boxy' (vaughn) tomstone ... if you even remember :)

     Nice yard ! Do you have more pics of the coffin? Thats a real possible add for this years tunnels of terror. Not being picky but your house looks to clean to be scary ! Paint some "cracks" in the windows and maybe more cobwebs draped from the roof and eves.. be careful though !!! decorating for halloween can be addictive !!  We've added another 200sq' under tarp to this yrs terror tunnel for a total of about 1000sq'  and that doesn't include the outside !  Watch for an instructable of this yrs build after halloween but here's a link to an earlier version
      I hope that works