My Zelda Hylian Shield Cake!




Introduction: My Zelda Hylian Shield Cake!

Here is the cake I made my friend Ivan for his 18th birthday this past weekend (it is also my first ever fondant cake!) . His is a huge Zelda fan and is getting the triforce and Hylian crest tattoo'd on his back in the next few weeks, so I saw this as the perfect cake for him!

It is a basic strawberry sponge cake cooked in a 35cm by 25cm well greased roasting tin.

Step 1)To prepare study and draw the Hylian sheild on some A3 paper as a template, and also draw and cut out all the details and make templates for the sides.

Step 2) Take your shield template place it on your cake, cut around the template to make the sheild shape.

Step 3) Smoothly and evenly cover you cake with butter icing ( Butter, double the amount of icing sugar, vanilla extract or whichever flavoring you choose).

Step 4) Roll out some blue fondant, and then use the template to cut a shield shape once again. Place the blue fondant on top of the cake, but not the sides. Cut off any excess with a small sharp knife. When rolling the fondant use icing sugar to stop it from sticking to your work top, this does mean you may get a slightly dull look to your colors, however once the fondant is on the cake just brush off the icing sugar with a very very slightly damp cloth.

Step 5) Roll out some white fondant and add some black food coloring ( I used liquid but gel is much better!) a little bit at a time to make a military grey colour for the shield. Use the templates for the sides to cut the fondant then place it, piece by peace on the cake. This can be a little time consuming and you will certainly need to cut and change bits. To stick fondant to fondant use a small amount of water.

Step 6) Cut out all the other small grey details and place them on the cake ( this can be a little tricky, I screwed up a few times!). I also rolled up little grey balls to place around the grey outside part of the cake as can be seen in the picture.

Step 7) Roll out your yellow fondant and cut out the triforce and other triangle and place on the cake.

Step 8) Finally, roll out your red fondant and cut out the details, I found the feet really difficult and had to cut them a few times to get them right!!

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