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Introduction: My Awesome PC Workspace

About: I like electricity I like electronics I like.... SO MANY THINGS music, subwoofers, computers, woodwork and metalwork, Just look at my interests! I love music of most sorts and I am learning to be a sound guy...

Here are the parts of my computer setup
this is my second instuctable but I have more to come
don't forget to comment

P.S  I'm only 13 So no bad comments

Step 1: Let's Start With the Tower

Here is my Thermaltake Xaser MX VI

The specs are:

Gigabyte GA-MA785G-UD3H
AMD Phenom II X3 (Tri-Core) 2.8ghz
Stock Cooling :(
4gb DDR2 1066mhz
ATI Radeon 4870  1GB
Dual TV tuners 
Western Digital Caviar Green 500Gb
Plasma Globe :)
Dual Band wireless N
Logitech Wave keyboard and mouse 
LG 300w RMS 5.1 sound system running with an optical cable 
2X DVD burners
2Tb worth of external hard drives
650w cooler master psu

I think I've covered everything
My custom made PC's case looks awesome

Step 2: The Rest?

Random pictures of the rest of the stuff

My favorite, the plasma globe

Step 3: The End

Thanks for viewing my Instructable. please Vote for me :)

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    31 Discussions

    I like putting the CPU on the wall, this way I have more space on my desk for other stuff.

    yes you made the computer when you were 11 right? my 15 years old friends doesn't know what is a graphic card. Btw you can upgrade your graphic card , maybe ati radeon 5750 1gb ddr5

    Also, I only use nvidia, unless your gonna get a dual gpu card, nvidias are betterfor the price

    My games aren't going to be that intense (dual GPU)
    I probably will upgrade but I'm happy with the card I have now. It's the monitor I need upgrading! It's a tiny 15-17"! It's too small for my card to perform and I want to upgrade to a 24-27" monitor

    lucky I'm still stuck on a 15 inch crt. or is it 13 ether way.... well hey u bought the monitor around the same time i bought my computer nice. I just posted pics if you wanna see.

    I was planning to get a thermaltake V6gt but I'll try to get the cooler you were talking about if I can find it in aus

    You can get it off of, but i dont know if they ship to aus.
    BTW, im also 13 =P

    BTW, do you switch on your computer with a missile launcher unit?
    Anyway you know a lot more about computers than most people and probably even me. Have you gotten into case modding? I've put a car neon light in the case and a cylon scanner on a front panel below the dvd drive

    I don't, and I havent got into case modding yet, but I have a red LED array that ill likely put in soon. If you were wondering at all, I have a NZXT guardian 921 RB case, its only a mid tower, but it works well for my build, system temp stays around 22*C constant. -
    P.S.- The case has a temp monitor on the front, gives a rough estimate of a few sys. temps, about 5-10*C off though.

    I've had to rebuild my complete system because I wanted to have better cable management. I've also installed UV LEDs and because the RAM sockets and the bracket for the cooler are UV reactive, They light up very brightly and I've got some tubing in there and Ive filled it with green UV reactive fluid and It looks AWESOME. I had to clean up my whole desk and it took me 3 days!

    Nice case! It's a lot better than my thermaltake Xaser MX6!
    Just a question, do you know much about electronics as in soldering, transistors, circuits etc? You would be good at it.