My Civil War Kentucky Long Rifle Working Replica


Introduction: My Civil War Kentucky Long Rifle Working Replica

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Well it's been about a month since I have posted something and I thought I needed to post something nobody has done, so I did a Kentuky long rifle. Ever since I have been on Instructables about 1 1/2 years I haven't made a working replica and what better to replicate than this. I have a toy replica myself (from when I was younger) so It's actually a replica of a replica.

Range 150 - 200feet
length 37 inches
Layers 5
realistic trigger placement
flintlock design
sturdy and realistic stock
a cross of two triggers
and very accurate

Sound good?? Should I post??



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    3 years ago


    omg i was looking for this gun wen i posted a comment on logic boy's knex war guide imglad that i found it because it looks awsome but im sad to here that you took it apart.

    post it oh yeah i forgot to say i got one of mine from getysburg

    iv been lookin for months to post post post post post and plus cracker thanks for ansering my question

    I have been searching for a K'nex musket for months, plz post it or tell me of one existing.

    looks great, only one slight problem. The hammer (cock) should be on the side of the gun, so it can hit the frizzen cover, make a spark, and send that spark into the powder in the frizzen (on the real flintlock gun, anyway)
    I can let that slip cause its knex, but dont let it happen again! (sarcasm)