My Cool Re-make Video for IMovie Instructable.





Introduction: My Cool Re-make Video for IMovie Instructable.

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This is the completed video I made for an 'ible on how to make a cool video slide show with iMovie. Please comment and let me know what you think. I am pretty sure this is OK and that I referenced everyone correctly. Copyright for the commercial is Discovery channel "I Love the Whole World" commercial. You can get the video and mp3 off their web page. I'll post links when I finish the 'ible.

I forgot to add the original commercial. HERE it is



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    Yes I did. It's more of a screen capture than an animation though. I basically advanced the actual video ahead a few frames at a time and took screen shots. After I had enough to play with I imported all the shots into Photo Shop and edited them there, basically just pasted the head on. When they looked the way I wanted them I saved and then dropped the images right into iMovie. You can extend the amount of time a picture/frame is shown in the video. Timing is all that was. It came out pretty good for a first time video edit.

    Thank you! I watched the commercial about ten times before I got the idea, and then it took about two days to put together. The song is kinda burned into my head now, but I still watch it once in a while.

    Great video. BUT I think you did skip over alot of the deserving (not saying me or anything) but I do understand that you can't put them all on. Any way nice touch with the song. 5/5 stars from me.

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    you should think about how if you want to be able to read what instructable each picture is you can only fit 15 instructables (out of the million) in the song.

    Thank you for the 5/5. Sorry for not adding any of yours. I did have one member who got lucky enough to have two - w1n5t0n, I better get some props from that member. lol, I don't know him or her either. I'll look for another song to make an Instructables commercial out of. (any ideas?) And yes, to all who feel left out please know I wanted to run a ton more however anything more than a two second pan results in almost not getting a good look at the picture or the author. And as for how I chose which 'ibles to use, I basically did a search with key words from the song and picked a good picture. Nothing was based on number of views, it was mostly random with the exception of the BOOM box items... lol, those were more for the pun. Those and the "Super Awesome Nastiness of an awesome super fast paper airplane... that's right") ha ha ha

    Your fine. You can't add them all. I really have no clue on the song choice, I'll be looking out though.

    This was a fun project and even though it took a long time to put everything together, I'd do it again in a heartbeat.

    Yeah that could work, it's a good song. But Apple is already using it for their AirBook commercials. I was looking for something that hasn't been done yet. Great idea though. I spent the last half hour listening to that song. Yeah I might make a video to that song also. So how do I choose the 100 or so 'ibles to use? Any ideas on that? 8o yeah about 100...

    Sorry the thing would not post my comment. Anyway it is your choice. Just look at Most Viewed and you will see amazing Instructables.

    I'll watch this again on my mom's laptop because my volume for this computer got BUSTEDDDDD. +5/5 stars. (added to favorites)

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