My Crochet 3D Sweater




Introduction: My Crochet 3D Sweater

I found a 3 D pattern for an afghan and decided that I would like to crochet a sweater with that pattern. so this is it. I just love the 3 D pattern in this sweater.
I have been knitting for many years and I love making my own patterns, when I find something I like.
I also gave you pictures of close up so you can really see the 3D.

Feb.13/2007 update

I Just found the pattern, that I took to make this sweater. It was in the Quick & Easy Magazine Jan./Feb. 1999.

I am in the process of making an afghan, I just have to go buy one more colour.



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    i was just wondering if you had the pattern for this 3D sweater pattern? I just love it.

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    Sorry I just used a pattern from another cardigan and applied the cubes from the blanket pattern,.

    Just found your pattern and loved it. Is there any way I could get the pattern as I"'m having trouble finding a pattern for my daughter. She needs a 3-4xxxx pattern. There are just not alot of patterns out the to crochet for a girl of that size, Any help would be greatly appreciated. From cold Michigan. Skeeter

    wow, i've seen blanket patterns for a similar design, but i haven't been able to figure out the cubey thingy, thats really cool!

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    that is really interesting - are you going to include instruction/pattern on how to do that design? that would be really nice if you could - the 3D effect is astounding.

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    Here is the pattern of the afghan. I just made it in the pinks , it is just beautiful. I am posting it , so anyone who wants it, can get it. Happy crocheting and good luck . I would really like to see it when it's done. So send me a picture if you can. Doris

    Thumbling Blocks Afghan0020.JPG

    Wow! That's one of the coolest sweaters I have ever seen! Great job! +1 rating.

    Just in case I forgot someone. I would like to thank all the beautifull comments and to those of you who voted for my project thanks a million. Very much appreciated. Doris

    I'm really sorry, but this has been bugging me for a while- how do you pronounce 'crochet'? Would it be 'cro-shay'?

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    Sorry for hijacking your comments with a discussion of geeky video games! (But now my husband wants a sweater or a blanket with this pattern. I'm in for some work.)