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Introduction: My Custom Painted Guitar

About: I am Hobbs.

This is a guitar that I painted last weekend. I was really bored, found it up in my workshop, and sprayed it.
I'm rewiring it, installing a killswitch, and maybe a whammy bar!



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     Not my own personal taste as far as the paint job goes, but none the less a great job. the guitar looks sick. 

    Have you tried putting in a whammy bar yet? if not it wont be easy. you will have to rout out the top for the trem block, and rout the back out for the springs. Paint job looks pretty good though!

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    ive got a harmony, and the bridge looks like that except its got a flat whammy bar that doesnt come off ulness you take the screw out, but it doesnt have any routings in the back, at all, all the electronics and everything load thru the pickguard, i dont know how it works though.

    dude no way, ive got an old harmony in my closet, it looks similar to that, its got the same bridge and all that stuff, but the pickguards and pickups are just a little bit different and its a little closer to a fender jaguar body shape, and its blue, but still cool

    as cool as the paint job looks, those old japanese harmonys can be worth quite a bit sometimes. don't worry, im sure its not in the thousands range or anything, i always try to do a little research before taking on a project like painting. that being said, its very cool that your into modding guitars at such a young age! keep it up!

    But like in the hundreds, right? I didn't know that... It's too bad it doesn't work...

    probly around 2 -4 hundred, its hard to say tho. do you have a soldering iron? its usually reeeely simple to rewire a guitar.

    No way! I didn't know that! well, I will probably be rewiring and finishing up the paint to make it look nicer, then selling it!

    dont get TOO excited. I have the same guitar, but with only 1 pickup. its a harmony marquis, and i got it on ebay for $65, shipping included. It has a very nice sunburst finish with just a few nicks. no sustain at all, noisy pots, sounds like azz. but it all depends on the demand, i guess. i just sold a yamaha keytar for $355 that i paid $45 for at a music store, and was able to get a better guitar!

    Man, don't listen to the haters. I love this guitar, and I would do the same thing to mine provided it was the right color for it, but I don't know what would look good with blue so maybe if I sanded it. I think it's got a grungy look to it, looks boss man! Keep up the mods

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    looks cool.... like your guitar has a freaking sweet scab or something. battle wounds!!!

    I don't mean that badly. look at this guitar. It's like the same concept.

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    I sanded all of the shiny stuff off, and some of the paint, but then I decided it would take too long, and decided it was fine.

    quite a few people are saying this is a bad paint job but its all a matter of opinion even if there is over/underspray it still looks kool i personally like the overspray on it. it gives it a bit of a grungy look that i reli like. so good job. i love it.