My Daughter's First Halloween Costume. 1997

Introduction: My Daughter's First Halloween Costume. 1997

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This is my now 17.5 year old Daughter

I made this pattern myself and I cannnot wait to share this with you..;)

Step 1: Since This Was Done So Long Ago I Have No Pictures of the Actual Process.


( I am writing this Instructable 17 years after I made it)

- My sewing machine

- 2 x 1x1. yard white felt. ( Egg outside )

- 2 x 1x1 yards yellow felt ( inside )

- Sharp Scissors .

- Pins to pin all 4 layers of felt together,

- Fabric marker,

my litte 6 months Baby,to estimate the highest top of the Egg.

I laid the layers together like this, considering the seam allowance,

The inside will be outside, so the layers will be on the inside.

So when you sew , the seams will be hidden in the Yellow/ Yolk representing side.


YELLOW. layer of felt

WHITE, layer of felt

WHITE, layer of felt

YELLOW, layer of felt.


-I had to draw a large free hand closed egg.

- then draw the hat, by a pretty big zig zag line,

this presented the cutting line of project.

on the pattern it represented the hat.


Do not forget to leave leg openings . If you look at the width of your Child's diaper, you will have the section for her bottom to sit on.

MARK THOSE CAREFULLY, as you then add the leg openings, again based on your childs legs, on either side of the bottom width.

It is important to mark those areas , so you do not accidentally sew them shut. If you hate seam ripping as much as I do, you'll understand.

Step 2: No Pictures Available From the Actual Sewing Process, But I Will Describe It.

After you have drawn your free hand egg drawing directly on the felt,and cut your egg out very carefully. After pinning. Its actually a pretty good idea to baste the Egg as well. You wlill not poke yourself while sewing.

You will use your drawing line as cutting line, so they should disappear.

After pinning/ basting, you will be able to lift everything in 1 piece


you will thead your machine with the following colors.

You will use a yellow top thread and a white underthread, as the costume will be sewn inside

out and then turned.

Please use slow speed on your machine, to see how your needle is handling the 4 layers of felt at once.

If your needle breaks, you may want to consider using a jeans needle or something like it. ( i used only the regular needle.

Sew carefully around your project.

There is no need to worry about the hat part yet, ( the zigzag line )

Please pay special attention, when you reach the leg openings.

To reinforce the stitching, backstitch, before lifting the needle and thead up, and advancing your needle( without tension on it) to the othere side of the leg opening. Place your needle back on the felt, backstitch to secure.

Repeat the same process for the second opening.

once you have sewn all around your project, and cut all your loose threads, take your scissors ans cut along the zigzag line, to seperate the egg shell hat from the body.

turn both parts inside out.

Does it look like this???

Good job

Step 3: Final Thoughts

I loved recreating this pattern. 17 years ago My friend and my daughter

posed for this picture.

It takes me back in time.LOL


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    PS I do have email Permission of my friend to pose the 17

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