My Daughters Sweater

After waiting nine years before having our second child (and finding out it was a girl) I went right in and started making her an afghan and sweater. The sweater was a red heart pattern found on the walls of the yarn section in any Wal-Mart store. I used baby white verigated with silk (or something like it) and red buttons for embelishment. It was single crocheted through out and it took me a couple of days to do this project but was thrilled when I was done. It was so tiny and pretty enough for my daughter (which we named Patience Janine).

I chose white to simbolize the purity in a child and red buttons for the love that I put in every stich as I waited for her to arrive. I have kept it in a box for a long time but decided to bring it out now to share it with you all.

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    11 years ago on Introduction

    Great job! I love it, especially the things that look like ice cream cones and stuff, I bet your daughter loves it!

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    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    Thank you GorillazMiko, The little buttons on the top are of little frogs sticking out of a pot and they each say, "Dont worry, be happy" though you can't see the writing from the picture. The buttons were on sale at the time and I knew they would go perfect with the sweater...