My Dear Secret Garden

Introduction: My Dear Secret Garden

About: Hi!! I really like challenges and handmade so here i am:). I also like childhood - this is were from i got the name of my blog (my real name is Ruxandra, or Rux - as i'm usually called:P).

Hi! This is my secret garden .. it's secret because it's on a balcony and you can't really see it from outside:). So these pictures show a certain evolution of some of my plants also!. I really love them! Hope you like my garden also.
I only wet them (no chemicals at all) and clean them.. and of course share a smile every day. They smile back:P.
It was pretty hard for me to select just a few pics (i had at one point some 50 plants over there - not crowded however, some of them were "babies"). Hope you like the pictures of my plants!

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