My Diy Easel

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I really needed an easel to hold my sheet music so I decided to build one instead of buying one. All it took was a couple of hours of work, some chain, and scrap wood. Hope you like it!

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    Check Mine:

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    happyjoDr. Pepper

    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Yes it is! If I do get around to making it, I probably wont make it anytime soon because of the weather! Thanks for making it!

    I can imagine bringing this easel to a hill overlooking a valley at sunset, then painting....But mebbe thats just me =) lol i cheated my mom got me one at Music and Arts a couple years ago. What do you play?

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    Why thank you! Totally off topic, but the amt of instructables you have doubled in like a day! whoa! And I play violin, Screech Screech! jkjk

    Well, depends. Are you my big brother, who flips every time I tried to practice my 3rd position all county music? (third position=fingers go alot closer to the bottom of the fingerboard [black wooden part]= high pitched)Are you my little sis who admires everything I fail at? Lol two opposite sides of the spectrum.

    Yeah like if I go up to my sis, look at what she's drawing, and say "Oh, what a nice cow!" she might start crying and tell me its a chicken. So how good are you?

    At playing the tuba? I'm the best 7th grade tuba player in Austin! There was a competition and I got 4th chair ONly 8th graders were above me!