My Dream Project, Haunted House

Hi! My dream project is to build a fully functioning walk through haunted house! The haunted house would be fully built my me, and my build team! $10,000 of the money won would go to material costs, $10,000 will go to props, and animatronics. And $5,000 would go towards marketing and ticket sales! The haunted house will have 15 rooms, each room will have at least two animatronics, and each room will be detailed to the highest extent! All of the money raised from the haunted house will be donated to good causes, such as St Jude research hospital, And other hospitals/ causes to help disabled individuals! Being able to build this would be a dream come true for me! For years I have wanted to do this, but I have never had a location, or the money to do it! The haunted house will be collapsable, and able to be fit in a trailer, so it can tour around to different fairs, and events! 
Thanks for your time!




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