My Dumplin Purse




I spend 5hours to make it.

er...This purse I forget to take a photo.

so...I use other's  pictures.

Steps are the same

1.Cut off two slices of circular cloth

Oval can also

2.Zippers ,ropes and bell ready

3.Two pieces of cloth to back-to-back sewed up

But to leave one inch opening
4.In turn valet good

5.The line along the openings apart,
   not all cut open and leave half round

Put in the open places zipper seam

remember  it is the shape of the dumpling

so,the two sides of the cloth molded into dumplings drape

Look the pictures.

7.It's up2u.
Folds may according to your idea

It's completed!

er...Do u know my words?

Sorry about my poor english~~~T-T

er...Look my purse!!HAHA~~




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