My Failed Gaming Room



At one point this area was going to be my gaming room, but now its just another area to store junk.  I need a place in the house that I can play violent video games or complex board games without my kids running in and getting nightmares or swallowing parts.  Plus, when I have friends come over to play a game, we spend more time with the kids than playing the game.

If I can get some new chairs, a huge table, some storage, an entertainment center, some kind of area rug this space could actually be useful again!



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    Updates on progress? This is the before picture? I can visualize what I would do for the after picture. And yes Ikea has some awesome products. Just a suggestion: group games by age appropriate, weed out those games missing parts (could be sales opportunity), donate/sell "no longer interesting" games. Instead of Large table: group 2 or three smaller tables appropriate for 4-6 players. Games for just 2 people? Barrel/hassock table topped/patio table. Could have square coffee table with game storage underneath--sit on carpeted area around table. Square seat cushions rest on top of table when not playing games. Could even have recessed area in center top for game board to be placed. Cover with glass/plexi top. Paint walls brighter/light color. Add lighting.


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    The site is called "Instructables - Share What You Make".

    Does this page has any informative, educational or inspirational value ?
    Except for a mess there is made nothing here (and here I'm trying to stay polite).

    I feel sorry to say, but I think this is not what the Instructables site is for !

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    Like the author said, this was for a contest we ran late in the summer of 2011. Please don't flag it, as it followed the rules of that contest to the letter: a photo instructable with a brief essay about how Ikea could help them out.