My First DIY: Simplest Speed Controllable Camera Slider on Youtube?

Introduction: My First DIY: Simplest Speed Controllable Camera Slider on Youtube?

Hi frands, this is my first try making in how to build something, so sorry for the fast cut and just visual explanation. I didn't want to bore anyone, that's why I made it as short as possible. Even though there is no detailed information, I hope you get the idea of how to make it as simple as possible by just watching. You can ask me anything

Step 1: All Steps in a Quick-cut Video

I apologize for being in this category, hand formable carbon didn't fit into any category. And i "printed" it with my hands, kind of ;)

The mechanism: The drill rolls up some fishing line that gets deflected on the other side, pulling the slide. The white stuff is felt from IKEA to reduce the friction



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    Very cool!

    Can you tell a bit about the material you used? That looks interesting and potentially very useful.

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    Thank you!

    That's some low melting carbon composite material that was heated up with hot water to get it formable. Unfortunately, my head-mounted GoPro batteries went empty so I didn't film a lot of steps in this progress. I'm working on another DIY Video right now that will show it in more detail. I'm one of the first "beta-testers" of this stuff, if you have any specific questions, let me know

    Ist a prototype material for now, but you can soon get an early hands-on. Just google "compound 9"

    Here it is in a little bit more detail:

    Ps. my roommate has invented it, thats why im the "early bird" ;)