My First and Only Pumpkin Carved in My Life. Humorous

Introduction: My First and Only Pumpkin Carved in My Life. Humorous

About: i got a third chance at a new life! I want to thank my close friends.( 1 lives here) 3 Police deptartments, and food and water as well as a safe house, and protection, my life is going to be great KARMA KARM...

Its a very short Instructable

You will need.....


1. 1 willing Pumpkin.

2. 1 tool set. I prefer a Dremel tool , with all attachments.

3, 1 disposable face shield ( throw it away later)

4, 1 Tyvek Suit to protect your clothes.

5, 1 first Aid kit, in case of an Accident,

6 An ambulance with trained EMT's on stand by in your drive way.

Now lets get to work!!!!!!!


Take your pumpkin, and wash the outside with warm soap and water.

Then gently cut 2 inches around the stem. This will prevent the Pumpkin from rotting too fast.

Do not remove seeds yet, please.

Then gently draw a suffering face and a small round mouth on your pumpkin, by using

the appropriate Dremel attachment. Be extremely careful when you work with sharp tools and always pay attention

The final step is to reach in through the opening,where the stem was temporary removed.

Push as many seeds as you can get through the mouth opening. This makes it more real.

My daughter watched too much CSI LAS VEGAS and she out fake blood inside the Pumpkin, so when she pushed the seeds though the mouth, it was bloody vomit.

Thats it,





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    Awwww so cute...even if it is puke :9!


    3 years ago

    Hilarious!!!!! I have a nurse and paramedic for neighbors, So i wait until one of the is home for semi- dangerous projects, both on moderately dangerous projects, and wait until both are asleep to do the really stupid stuff. Dig the blood added.

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    Thank you, for your nice comment
    Its funny, I thought I let you know, there is a rule in my House
    No use of knives or sharp objects.
    The Pharmacy closes at 10 pm


    I forgot to comment on this! I did vote for you though. I love the expression on the face. Getting the expression just right makes all the difference when you are carving a pumpkin, and you nailed it! Very well done! :0)

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    Hehe, very cute. I like it! Don't feel bad about it being your first. I just found out that my mil carved her first pumpkin this year too. :-)

    Hey! This is a cute and clever instructable and I would love to feature this on next weeks edition of momo's shoutout Sunday! Of course I only give SHOUTOUTS to my followers so if you could just follow me, then I can feature this instructable and help you gain more followers! Let me know what you think,


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    Hey! This is such a cute and clever instructable and I would LOVE to feature this in next weeks edition of momo's shoutout Sunday. Of course I only give shoutouts to my followers so you would need to be following me. Let me know your thoughts on my most recent instructable!