My First (good) Knife

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This is actually my third knife. It's a full-tang all-purpose knife that I actually took the time to sand and polish (the first two turned out rubbish). Sadly the photos cannot show it's true shine and brilliance. Some criticism (constructive or not) is greatly appreciated.



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    Nicely done! 2 questions from a fellow novice knife maker 1. what type of steel do you use and do you harden it or just use as is? 2. What do you use for grinding it Nice job Pyro

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    Thanks! My first 2 knives were made from mild steel. The good knife is made from carbon steel (a lawnmower edger blade from Bunnings) and I didn't harden the knife (no forge) but as my dad only uses it for gardening it's under no real stresses. To cut out the basic shape I used an angle grinder then a bench grinder for deatails but a jewllers saw would work fine. Good luck! Moderator


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    I see that by your Px posts you are a gardener, Is this knife for grafting, if so maybe you could do an instructable on that too?

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    This knife was not intended for grafting but as I have little experience in grafting (my dad has a bit) I am not sure if it can be used for grafting. As for the Instructable did you want it on the knife or grafting?
    BTW check this out.