My Hand Made Kitchen Knife

About: Hi. My name is Caleb. I am a guy who likes to make things. My all time favorite thing to do is blacksmithing, and knife making. I also enjoy wood working, beekeeping. I like making things the old fashion way...

This is a kitchen knife I I made for my mom. She said that when she used the handles on our kitchen knifes it hurt her wrist. So I made a short wide blade that rocks easy, and put a slim curved handle on it. I also used a file to carve the patterns along the spine of the knife. the blank it self I hand forged out of a high carbon steel rail road spike. I hardened it in vegetable oil so it would be food safe.

I am very happy with how this knife turned out It was a fun project and it work great as a kitchen knife. I hope to one day do a full tutorial on how to make it.




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    3 years ago on Introduction

    The handle is an exotic wood called padauk It is very hard. I finished The handle with tru-oil, It is a gun stock finish. And I like it becasue it soaks in, but after about five coats it builds up in to a hard layer on top, that protects the wood from lots of use.


    3 years ago on Introduction

    Wonderful looking knife. How did you get the oiled look in the wooden handle? I look forward to the Instrucible. Thanks


    Reply 3 years ago on Introduction

    The reason it looks like that is becasue, I textured the blade with a ball peen hammer, and then left the tempering colors in. This would be a problem for a kitchen knife, but I quenched in in Vegetable oil and wire brushed it when it was hot. That insures that there is no scale, or coal built up to get into the food. It gives it more of a hand forged look.