My Home Made Mini PC Case



Introduction: My Home Made Mini PC Case

Mine is the result of a long struggle ... In fact I have a PC with a modification of the PC
Its design is to produce your own from scratch instead of replacing it with a PC ...
My goal was clear! .. Which is in my old computer and never leave off, he wanted to move to a new 4-core AMD processor, I opted for ... Price is more appropriate ...
AMD Phenom II x4 3.4MHZ processor, hard to find the appropriate board ...
I find to be a small motherboard sizes appropriate for the processor 965 and $ 100 as extradan frame carrying a bulky figure would say ... It will not cost the ... Kasami empty weighs only 3 kg 7 kg, although this figure when the system was collected ...
As for the size of :

39.5 cm W/ 17 cm H/32 cm D

Speaking of sizes formfactor motherboard size: (24.4 cm x 22.4 cm)
(Previously 22 * 22cm in size LX models also bought ASUS M LM 5A78, on the recommendation of the seller, but I gave back to the processor, the motherboard is incompatible with the motherboard)

My system is as follows:
AMD Phenom II X4 3. 4 GHz Black Edition
Kingston 2 GB DDR 3 1333 Mhz module x2
1 TB, 7200 Rpm 32MB Cache Samsung HDD
XP-500 120 mm 500 Watt PSU Xilence Fan
LBK DVR-S19 Pioneer SATA DVD burner double layer label flash
+ 2 x Xilence LED 8 cm fan

As for now I use the onboard video card up to 1 GB HD 4250 model ATI Rodeon has shared the HDMI output on board ..
Graphics card can be installed to the system later .. so I thought the chassis height and depth grids are also available for ventilation ..
As is apparent from all parts of the images 39,5x32cm was mounted on a osb ... Of course, OSB was weak ... I turned to the side edges of the 1 * 1.5 cm wooden lath screws sheet by burying their heads ... Sheet sections bolted it possible to stretch and shape to these bars, but corruption, insider strips
I supported what they say ... this is the kit for the adhesive to both the MDF and (formerly) white glue fixation did we know ... exactly like the original DVD is located in the printer cradle system was created.
PC manufacturing business will be the modification or not to ignore the problem of warming would recommend to friends ...
And let's front panel:
LED on the front panel instead of the ordinary hard disk as a circular rotating flashing LED from a total of 10
I brought a little move ... a simple circuit-schema during reading or writing HDD LEDs in series or slowly turning into this ... It relieves the monotony PC obviously ... (this was the best that I really like!)
The citation for this, here I want to thank my-Yavuz Vural-friend


"Mini-PC complete layout (watch it!!)":

For each friend who knows a printed circuit board can make this method .. If you say ... Cost does not exceed 2$ including LEDs and a built ... I would recommend it to friends who love their jobs, especially modification
In addition, 2 USB and 2 x 3.5mm jack front panel mic and line-in input-related ... also set up the control panel (power on / off), the lower ventilation grille and the side k1s1m1na also designed the ... Later in the round into a ventilation fan can be a mini- ...
At the rear end is one of two pieces of red, one white LED fans to have a very quiet XILENCE.
Also specify that the power supply fan Xilence quiet ... this issue of price / performance I think I did a good choice in terms of
As for the paint job after several attempts made in the decision to spray paint effect HAMMERITE hammered ... it's too late (1 day) I prefer to be dry and durable despite not showing an error ... hiding power in a super ...
Also notice that the stained tissues have small pits .. it must have been hammered effect! ... The paint on the chassis adds an authenticity to the mediocrity of paint instead of a
This hammered .. It is able to distinguish the effect that corruption and other parts! .. At a time (remote) paint, I need to finish ... I was on this issue but not a problem in some mistakes ...
The result is a rigorous emeksonucu itibaryle (with these facilities) was a study which penetrates inside
It’s my Old Case more efficient and more quiet ... The printer does not occupy space next to a box sitting on a shelf ... And ... And when it comes to system specifications:-small I think deserves the nickname of the giant-
Mod-friends all success ...
Waiting for your comments friends ...

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