My Homemade Raegan From "the Exorcist" Costume




I have been a big fan of the exorcist for years, I was watching the film when I got the idea to be her for halloween..some people have told me that we have the same facial features so i thought..why not?  at the time of this costume, there were no costumes for her that you could buy so I had to do everything myself!..
I bought a cheap old fashioned looking gown from the thrift shop and bought green paint and oatmeal for the vomit ( mixed green paint and oatmeal together and just splattered it all over the gown!)
I did my own special effects makeup and I used green demonic contacts (the contacts really made the costume)
I dont normally have bangs so I bought a little bang hair piece that I attached to my own hair which I made VERY unruly (took forever to get all the snarles out- ouchy!)
once I was all done up I decided..I needed something..the BED!  so I took a large long piece of cardboard and used styrafoam cups and tennis balls for the bed posts and a piece iof styrafoam cut into the shape of a headboard..taped all of that onto the cardboard and then draped an old bed sheet all over it to hide everything..then I made a fake little pillow and stapled that to the bed right where my head was going to be.. I then attached another set of sheets to cover me like a blanket...once the bed was completed, I thought to I need to "get inside it" somehow I went in from the inside and cut a slit in the middle and sort of "slipped into the homemade bed and strapped it on me with a very long scarf that i had to make it secure so I could literally walk around with this bed strapped to me and it would stay upright..I could also sit with it as well..and the way I secured it everything was hidden so all you could see was me covered by a blanket in a bed from the front and the backside of the bed (no blanket) from the back..even my feet were covered..I must say, I did a pretty good job! but I'll let you judge was alot of fun to make..and also a lot of time, patience and hard work..not to mention some pretty good imagination lol



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    6 years ago on Introduction

    I was searching for scarves and somehow this came up - I am terrified and impressed! WOW!


    6 years ago on Introduction

    Love the costume! I thought you may like this......

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