My Homemade Motor Bike!





Introduction: My Homemade Motor Bike!

About: I love programming, 3d printing, and electrical design. I am about to start my 1st year at PennState.

This is a video of my home made friction drive motor bike.  Me and my dad built this as a week end project.  We had many setbacks such as how to mount the engine and where to put the throttle.  The Home-light weed-whacker engine is mounted to the bike with 2 angle iron brackets.  The drive shaft coming out of the engine, onto the tire is a 3/4" socket.  You start the engine by pedaling the motorbike.  Because of the brackets holding the engine against the tire it is always in gear.  Its top speed is 20mph.  The bike also has a brake light which is activated by a momentary push button switch and powered by 2 9v  batteries in the center compartment. (see picture)



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    Hey I am Snehojit Kumar from India W.B. my e-mail is can u plz tell me from where do I get the motor?

    can u send the procedure to make these projects in detail.

    also the approx.budjet of these projects.

    Gd idea, but I recommend using the centrifugal friction piece, that was what I wanted to do, so that you can start the engine safely and then when you speed it up the bike go, also in case you slammed brakes the engine won't stop, and incase you just wanted to pedal with no engine you can do it so freely, while in your structure all that is impossible.


    4 years ago

    Can you post a video of it actually driving? In daylight. Pretty cool though.

    show us the operation of the bike. 2:31 we had to wait 4, comon?

    I would like to know how you made pedal start????????
    pls tell me?

    do you have instructions how to make it??????????????? can you make some for me if you want or can/?

    I understand the concept of you pedaling to start it but is there an on switch I would have to make?

    Its great when kids are inventing rather than wasting their life on the idiot box (TV) or games (although I love gaming). 2 min 38 secs of vid and the most important part I wanted to see was the thing moving. Would really like to see that in better light and more info on the weedeater used, such as the motor which appears to be gas powered. Nice job otherwise.

    How do you put the peg on the clutch shaft? Can you u just thread it with a tap and die? Would it work if you just mounted the clutch shaft against the wheel without the peg on it?

    How do you shut it down when your heading for a tree, car, small child, wall, pond, burning building, ext...

    Nice. Makes me wish I still had pictures of the "air bike" that my father and I built when I was about 13. We mounted a 3.5 horse briggs and stratton lawn mower engine with a home made propeller to the back of the bike and away we went. Crazy dangerous but fun, way fun.

    hey i made a motor bike just like this but a top speed of 20? thats slow for this try a bmx bike peg my motorbike hits 35 no modifications to the motor

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    I calculated the ratio from the engine to the wheel to give tork to get over hills so the speed decreases. Also i used a small Home lite engine which doesn't have much power.

    You've only got ~8 seconds of it running.(in the dark)

    Can you add some well-lit photos?