My Knitted Wedding!

Introduction: My Knitted Wedding!

Immediately my wedding date was set, I decided I wanted to knit as much as possible for it! From shrugs for myself and my bridesmaids, to a fan just in case it was hot.

We decided to have afternoon tea, making use of the many vintage cups, saucers and teapots I own. Each teapot receiving it's own cosy. Eight bridesmaids were made a shrug, and me too.

I made knitted paper chains and I even made a fan from lace....!

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Step 1: How Do You Make a Knitted Cake?

First question for our cake we make a real one and copy it in knitting or vice versa? I decided to knit one then copy it for real!

First things first, the basic cake. A bit like making a real cake, you need a 'recipe'. For me that translated to a pattern. I wanted a three tier cake, obviously, but I wanted one that was just mine!

I'm a member of a fabulous crafting community called Ravelry. On this site are thousands of patterns, some to purchase but many are free. I found a cake pattern, perfect for a base and I made the basic pattern, with a few adjustments. I made mine a bit sharper in shape rather than the roundness of the cake in the pattern.

As the pattern belongs to someone else I can't reproduce it on here but please see the link. The pictures show the cake taking shape.

Next decision......

Step 2: Decorations?

Next decision had to be colours? basic topper? flowers? Birds?

I tried a few ideas, first being two love birds (these didn't make it to the cake but did end up on the top of a tea pot cosy!)

Keeping in mind I had to reproduce the cake for real, I tried to keep my ideas simple. I decided on flowers, roses in different shades of pink and purple to match our bridesmaids dresses. The pattern for these came from the cake pattern but adjusted for different sizes. After a lot of experimenting I made them in three different sizes for each tier, and leaves too in two shades of green.

I spent a lot of time pinning them on the cake to see how the colours would work...a specific colour pattern or just random and so on.

The pictures show a mixture of the flowers how I practised placing them in a small way.

Step 3: And a Topper?

And finally I needed a topper. I adapted the top of another knitted cake pattern to make it more personal. The flowers in the bouquet and buttonhole matching ours, pearls in my ears etc. I tried to match my husbands suit colour and so on...

As a bit of fun, I sewed them showing me holding him by the back of his collar and dragging him along to the wedding! I didn't really have to do this...honestly!!

Step 4: And Finally...

I put it altogether!

I also made the real cake to match, complete with lots of icing roses and leaves, matching cake stands and, to finish off, I ordered a topper to match.

I love that I still have our cake and will have it forever I hope.

But I also love all the other things I made too...I hope you like them too

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    3 Discussions


    5 years ago

    Your knitted cake is fantastic! I cannot wait to see your tea cozies- I want to knit some for myself and family members! ;-)


    5 years ago on Introduction

    So awesome. The layers look good. It's too close to your original cake, though, to the point that I was confused about the pair of cakes in step 4.

    Someone's gonna wonder why one of the cakes is so hard to cut...


    5 years ago on Step 4

    Loved the cake, hope to see some of your other knitted wedding items