My Latest Potato Cannon Mods !!!




My latest Mods to my potato cannon. If any one wants an instructable on any of these just ask. UPDATE: I added a barbecue ignitor into the trigger of the rifle stock so that it can be shoulder fired.



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    darnit, i forgot to add this, this will make the best mod for a potato launcher ever, it will mainly appeal to those of us who own small potato launchers, not huge massive things like yours, but rather , luanchers that would be more suitably called air rifles. as in guns you can use to shoot at your friends without decapitating them, like mine which's combustionchamber has a volume of 2.5L.
    anyway, the problem we often have with the smaller potato launchers is that its easy to overdo the air to fuel ratio, if theres not enough, it wont burn, if its slightly too much, it will just make slow flame inside the launcher, if theres WAY! too much then it wont go at all. but get it just right, then BOOOOM!!!, gunshot loud, like any normal launcher.

    my point to this long post is that you should perhaps build a mod for a fuel injector, for the spud gun, it would work in the same principles as a standard inhaler gas cartridge, which lets out only a certain amount of gas in one squirt, no matter how slowly you push it down, that gas released will not flow contantly, only a specific amount will come out.
    if you can build something that delivers a specific amount of gas on each go, then people will be able to get a perfect air fuel ratio each fire,(balanced combustion), and they will be able to get the most out of their mini potato launchers.
    having sid that ill remind you some peoplelike me have parents who do not allow large dangerous spud cannons, that can kill. you may be able to for whatever ewasopn (dont live with parents, or live with parents who couldnt care less). people like me can only own small ones, but the mod should work for all potato guns.
    i dont know if it matters how long you spray in for in yours , but in mine, any more than 1 sec is too much.

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    Hey jpoopdog,
    I really like your page. Btw. How would I go about installing an ignitor for my potato gun. I got a bbq lighter. Not ignitor and was wondering if there is any way that I would be able to work with it. Thanks for any and all input!

    well, just melt a hole in a T pipe, and poke the lighter in there, but you might find some difficulties in firing after a while , if you are using hair spray or deoderant, or really anything that isnt earostarter or butane


    I'll update this with some pics of how i did it. I just changed out the flint and put a barbecue ignitor inside the trigger of the rifle stock in the pictures above. Its not as reliable as flint but is is cool being able to fire from a trigger.

    im going to post an instructable soon about an internally mounted flint spark generator for potato launchers. it operates on the same principals as a lighter does, but t is electronic and does operate on whatever triggers you have!
    best of all it only needs either 2x AA's or 1 cr123a battery (like sub sub C)

    Would a piezoelectric igniter that comes in say...a handheld cigarette lighter work to ignite a potato cannon?

    well yes and no, your idea is somewhat correct. what i have is two thick wires one on the top and the other the bott m of my potato launcher barrel (inside), and when i use my BBq peizo, it makes a thick 1 inch spark from one wire to the other, generaly a lighter peizo wont do this.
    but if you must, or cant spare $16 for a BBQ peizo from any massive general convenience store (k mart, walmart big W or any hardware store), then the lighter peizo should work so long as the spark goes through the middle of the barrel, not on the sides.

    i wouldnt bother unless its a good BBQ lighter and a massive potato launcher like this guy made.

    however i wouldnt recomend using it because the only potato launcher you would be able to make with a BBQ lighter, would probably shoot it out whenever you fire.

    by the way everyone, the best fuel for potato launchers is 25% or more ether, in car starter spray. i use start ya barstard and pilot starter

    So I should just drill a hole in the side of the gas chamber and flood the hole with super glue? Or should I take the lighter apart and take the sparker wires and connect them to screws on opposite sides of the chamber and make for an arc sparking system.

    i made the silencer and i gotta warn you guys, DO NOT MAKE IT WITHOUT USING A DRILL , take it from me , personal experience, if you use something sharp or hot, to peirce a hole in the pvc pipe, it will make something like a mole hill inside, this will cause your ammo to get stuck inside the silencer, which is quit easy considering that its where the pressure is released.


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     dude, how did you make the silencer?? that looks awesome! i want to add that to mine :) hahaa silent, but deadly :P

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    Never too many for spud guns! I want! Needless to say, I may not make them, but I am interested in the ideas.


    9 years ago on Introduction

    ...make the instructible ANYWAY! the more the merrier!