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Introduction: My Little Fire Fly

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This Christmas my family is making all home made gifts. This gift is for my toddler cousins. It is simply a small latch-top jar with a paper firefly in it lit by an led candle.

The end result is cute and amusing.

You can even personalize somewhat and make it for a girl or boy.

Step 1: Supplies

Keep in mind, you can change decorations and color patterns


Dark blue paper
2 shades of green paper
LED tea light. Both amber and blue glows will be fine.
Fake bug wings - this could be made of paper too
A small latch-top acrylic jar (I bought mine in a three pack from target - I think they were supposed to hold spices)
Hot Glue and glue gun
Drill and small drill bit ( 1/4 " or less )
Stickers, ribbons, bows
Small cluster of fake grapes - make sure the grapes are squishy and not hard

Step 2: Lights Please

First you will want to drill a small hole in to the bottom of your jar.
You will use the LED bulb as a guide for the diameter that your hole needs to be.
To get to the bulb pull of the little fake flame. They should come off fairly easily.
Once you made sure the bulb will fit into the hole you drilled at the bottom, put some superglue on the bottom of the jar, then press and hold that tea light on to the bottom with the LED bulb poking through.

Step 3: You're Bugging Me

Now it's time to make the little fire fly.
The body is just a piece of the lightest shade of green paper cut out in the shape of a little peanut. One side smaller to be the head.
Then punch a hole in the bigger half.
Slip in one of the plastic grapes - there will be a hole in the grape sphere - that hole needs to face downward.
Dab some hot glue on the underside of your bug to hold that grape in place.
Then add some eyes - drawn or more paper (think hole punched paper circles)
Then hot glue your fake wings on.

Step 4: Create the Environment

You will need to set up the bug's little world.
Place a piece of blue paper on the inside of the jar. Measure it to be as tall as the jar and about half the inside circumference.
Then cut a paper circle the size of the inside of the bottom of the jar. This paper will be your darkest green.
You can cut little grass blades from this too, as shown.
Hole punch a circle in the middle for your bulb to poke through.
Glue your blue background to the inside of the jar and your grass pad to the bottom inside of the jar.

Step 5: Decorate

Attach Ribbons, stickers and cute stuff to the outside of the jar. Just make sure there is a big enough window for buggy to look out.

Step 6: Add the Fire Fly

Now dab some hot glue on the underside of your bug and gently place the little hole of his belly over the end of the LED bulb.

Inspect your jar to make sure everything is glued down and there you are.

****Keep in mind, this is made of small parts that a toddler could potentially shallow and choke on. Be Safe.****

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