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Introduction: My Microwave SHIELD

Much has been said and it keeps saying around the alleged or actual harmfulness of microwaves at very low intensity emitted by mobile phones both during communication that during the stand-by.I'm not an expert on the subject and not knowing the real magnitude of emissions with this realization I did more of a preventive action that a proven protective action, indeed my intention was to prevent as far as possible the emission of microwaves of cell phones in stand by while the inside of my pouch container that I use bring near the genital area.Considering the fact that I have in this pouch, a minimum of two phones I thought to prevent premature firing of the lower parts that should serve me for a while yet!.

Step 1:

The implementation is quite simple and consists of a cardboard wrapped with several layers of glued aluminium paper with adhesive backing.Obviously the shape of "heat shield" will be made in such a way as to be inserted into the inner pocket or that more contact with our body to allow a real shielding; It is clear that we will put the screen farther from us undermine shove some phone getting the opposite effect to what we want.
To avoid this would be a good idea to use the pocket of the pouch that will host the shield only and only for that purpose be sealing it after having introduced security shield.

Step 2:

It will be good thing to check from time to time the status of the shield to verify that the layers of aluminium are reliable and not undergone damage resulting in micro crevices that would result in reducing the effectiveness of the screen.
Each Council to improve the effectiveness of the shield is accepted and welcome

Step 3:

This instrutable comes to an end, it only remains for me to wish everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR, in the hope that my contribution will be useful to many. Arrivederci to the next

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    1 year ago

    I don't think phones emit microwaves...


    Reply 1 year ago

    Thanks for the comment querry43.
    Even the phones emit microwaves of very low intensity and slightly lower frequency of microwave oven; In this respect, the debate is still ongoing and there are conflicting theses.
    Prevention is better than curing...