My Notes, Always at Hand.

Introduction: My Notes, Always at Hand.

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I suppose this is less of an Instructable and more a "Show and Tell"

In my shop, at home and now in school, I've found that taken detailed notes helps me a lot.

I know your parents probably wore this out, but it really is important! Especially to those of us who collect skills (Pretty much everyone here right?), Having a way to carry my notes ensures their use. It's very easy to lose a small notebook but these little packs make it a lot harder to misplace. The Red and Yellow with the speed clips is made from Duck, a tough fabric often used for tarps and hard wearing clothing. It's technically Version 2. Technically, since Version 1 is it minus the clips. The clips came from a set of work suspenders that I had on hand and the red webbing is too.

The newest one is made from leather and stitched together using my heavy duty walking foot machine and reinforced with tubular rivets. It's not a "Speed clip" pack but a stout, take it ANYWHERE, pack that slides onto your belt. I sized these for 5x8 inch Moleskine notebooks. Both can carry one soft and one hard bound notebook. The Hardbound boooks are for things you need often, Like the pitch formula and 3 wire measurement for a particular thread you cut often, Or for sketches of things you make a lot of and need to refer back to whilst building.

The soft cover books are for quickly jotting down notes on the go, Like at a lecture or when that old-timer at the store tells you how it "used to be done". I chose 5x8 inch Moleskines because they fit perfectly in my back pocket so even if I don't have one of my packs I can carry a notebook.

Who is this kind of thing for? EVERYBODY.

Artists, Astronauts,book keepers, bankers, Machinists, Zookeepers... Seriously... I'm not listing every profession on the planet. about the only people who may not benefit work Minimum wage jobs and hopefully plan to move forward as quickly as they can.

I carry several pencils, a permanent marker, one soft and one hard backed Moleskine Journals (5x8 inches) and a Casio FX260 calculator (It's small, solar powered, and can do just about everything you'd ever need a calculator to do. Best part? It's only about $6.00)

I may post some examples of my notes later if there is some activity here, but otherwise I hope this mini share has inspired you to carry a notebook and learn more.



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    Never forget your notebook and never forget your pen. Good idea!

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    That's it. I assume these would be incredibly useful for artists as well. I use them for my little bit of art and like that I can carry without tying up my hands. I have a 2 year old and another on the way and that makes about 30 hands necessary.

    I need this in my life. The problem is that it looks very hard to make, especially for a girl. Any ideas on how can I make a similar thing?

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    I doubt being a girl has anything to do with difficulty. I know some women who can out "Make" me by a million miles. However, If the question is relative to mine being made of leather, You could easily make one from cloth. I suggest gathering all the things you want to carry and making a paper mockup, Just tape it all together or staple it . Then carefully remove your staple/tape and you'll have a pattern. Be sure to think about how your seams will go together. Will they overlap? Will they lie flat? If you want, I will post a few pictures of my paper sketches and maybe they will give you some ideas. Being a girl has nothing to do with talent or ability. Your gender doesn't make you less able.

    Yes, thank you, I did mean that it's difficult because of the leather. Do you have a recommendation on the cloth I could use? Also those pictures that you talk about will definitely come in handy :))

    Any heavy cloth would work well. I advise reinforcing the corners. duck and canvas are really good. Leather isn't that hard to sew by hand either. you'd need to pre_punch the seams though. rivets aren't necessary, I'm in a machine shop though so I wanted the extra. do you have a sewing machine? Or will you be hand sewing?

    I don't have a sewing machine, unfortunately. I will try to make it with my bare hands xD And even if I fail, at least I'll try and see for myself what's wrong and what could be done better.

    I've made many sewing projects by hand, it's challenging, but if you take your time the stitches almost fall into place. There is no rush, no hurry at all. Just sit outside and sew. I'm not the most gifted sewer and often my projects start as more of a concept then a plan, but if I take some material, thread, and a thimble; sit down somewhere relaxing and take my time, they often turn out better than my machine projects. It's only failure if you don't learn from it. Send photos of your sketches and ideas! I'll help if I can.